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Disturbing moment woman lies to police before being revealed as mastermind behind ten-year murder plot

Disturbing moment woman lies to police before being revealed as mastermind behind ten-year murder plot

Jennifer Pan covered her tracks for a decade.

The chilling case of Jennifer Pan remains a talking point to this day, as Netflix has decided to cover it in a new crime documentary.

What Jennifer Did follows the horrific plot of a woman who hired a hitman to kill her parents after they uncovered her massive web of lies.

And in light of this new documentary airing, Pan's interrogation interview has since resurfaced online - which you can watch here:

Jennifer's plan

Jennifer's mother, Bich Ha, and her father, Huei Hann, arrived in Toronto, Canada as Vietnamese refugees and their straight-A-star daughter had just secured a scoloraship to Ryerson University in Toronto.

However, it seems that Jennifer - a talented piano player and figure skater - was leading a double life in order to keep her parents happy.

Her grades had begun to slip so she began to fake report cards and said she was headed for early admission despite the university retracting their initial offer.

She also pretended that she was volunteering at a hospital and attending classes.

However, her deception was soon discovered and her parents put her under strict supervision.

In the hope of inheriting their $500,000 (£393,000) fortune and getting rid of her parents, Pan, with help from her secret boyfriend, Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong, planned a sinister plot to kill her parents.

What really happened

The 24-year-old arranged to have Eric Shawn 'Sniper' Carty, Lenford Roy Crawford and David Mylvaganam burst into her family home in Markham, Toronto in November 2010.

The assassins were brought in to fake a home invasion and open fire on her parents.

Pan's mother was fatally shot in the head, while her dad was struck in the face and shoulder.

Only her dad survived and was put in a coma.

Huei Hann and Bich Ha. (YouTube/True Crime Daily)
Huei Hann and Bich Ha. (YouTube/True Crime Daily)

The police interview

Police called Pan in for questioning as they wondered how she'd managed to escape from the situation unharmed after being tied up.

"So they took me - because I was next to the stairwell - they took me up the stairs to show them where my father's wallet was but I didn't know," she told cops.

"The last things I heard them say was 'you lied, you lied to us, you lied to us' - and then I heard two pops.

"My mom screamed, I yelled out for her and then a couple more pops."

She continued to say: "I was just on the phone to the secretary or the operator and I begged her not to leave me alone.

"My dad was outside and I was yelling at him but he wouldn't come in.

"I don't know if he could hear me. He didn't come in. I think he went to look for help.

Jennifer Pan. (York Regional Police)
Jennifer Pan. (York Regional Police)

"I didn't get to see my dad at all before I left the hospital just now."

The police officer then asked: "How did you get free?"

To which she responded: "The cop came and he snipped the two strings off for me.

"I was out asking them for so long.

"They said they couldn't untie me until they knew how to properly untie the strings."

However, law enforcement were able to use her alibi against her after finding inconsistencies in her story.

And when her father woke up from his coma, he also told police that he'd seen his daughter casually converse with one of the gunmen.

Jennifer was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted murder, along with Wong, Crawford and Mylvaganam in 2014.

All four got life sentences with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

Carty, who passed away in 2018, was given an 18-year sentence after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit murder, with eligibility for parole after nine years.

What Jennifer Did is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: York Regional Police

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