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Britain's Got Talent Magician Blows Audience Members Away After Turning Back Time On Their Phones

Britain's Got Talent Magician Blows Audience Members Away After Turning Back Time On Their Phones

The trick caused Simon Cowell to claim that 'magic is real'

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A magician blew the minds of judges and audience members alike when he appeared on Britain's Got Talent.

Rather than performing a routine card trick we've seen a million times before, Sean Heydon took it to the next level and turned back the time on everyone's mobile phone.

The mind-boggling act had everybody scratching their heads, even Ant and Dec, who both pulled their phones out of their pockets to find that they'd been done, too.

So impressed by the trick, lead judge Simon Cowell stated that 'magic is real'.

The 36-year-old performer came onto the stage and headed down to the judges' table, telling them that prior to the trick he had asked Ant and Dec to pick out a card and place it face down in the deck.

Sean then asked Simon to think of a card before getting each of the judges to mix up a portion of the deck and put them all back together.

Then it all goes a bit weird as he had the judges remove their phones and place them face down on the table, telling them that in order for the trick to work he has to 'go back in time' to before he came on stage.

Sean turned back time.

Simon then announced to the audience that he had picked the two of diamonds. Amanda Holden then picked a number between three and ten - she plumped for nine.

Picking up his phone, Sean showed the screen to the judges and, incredibly, the clock began to turn back in time a whole nine minutes.

Gobsmacked by the spooky trick, the audience, judges, and Ant and Dec all gasped in amazement, before checking their phones.

Needless to say, he got through.

Speaking to The Metro about his performance, Sean, from Northampton, revealed that it took him two years to learn and perfect the trick.

He said: "That trick that I did on the show, everyone in Northampton has seen me do at weddings and stuff and I wasn't sure how it would translate to a bigger audience.

Ant and Dec were stunned.

"That specific trick trying to work out how to turn back time on people's phones and the card trick as well was a couple of years in the planning and taking it to the BGT stage was absolutely phenomenal."

With skills like this, it makes you wonder why Sean has never entered the competition before. He told the publication that he wanted his act to be just right before bringing it to the popular talent show.

And he said the next trick will be even better.

He added: "If I am lucky enough to get through to the next round I want to create something that isn't just going to connect with the audience and the judges, but it's going to connect with all the people sat watching at home.

"It is going to break that extra wall and it's going to happen to people at home."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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