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Nick Offerman’s wife wants 10% of his pay for The Last of Us after fans praised his performance

Nick Offerman’s wife wants 10% of his pay for The Last of Us after fans praised his performance

She reckons she has earned her agent fee fair and square.

Nick Offerman has been broadly praised for his breathtaking performance in The Last of Us, shattering all of our hearts into a million pieces in the process.

In the hit HBO series, Nick plays Bill, a survivalist who winds up in a relationship with a man named Frank (Murray Bartlett), sparking the most devastating, poignant hour of television ever.

Offerman came very close to turning the role down, revealing it was his 'incredible goddess of a wife' that made him do it.

"[She] read it and she said, 'You're going to Calgary, buddy. Have fun. You have to do this'," he told host Jimmy Kimmel.

Well, now his wife wants her dues.

Megan Mullally revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that now she's after her agent's fee.

She said: "I mean hello, where’s my 10 percent?"

Mullally also revealed she has started 'calling him "Episode Three" around the house'.

"So many people have gotten in touch with him to tell him how great he is, so it’s just kind of "crazy," she said.

It's been compared to THAT sequence from Up.

Mullally added: "Even my cousin, who is in her 70s and lives in Tulsa, was like, 'Episode three was magnificent!' She didn’t say the name of the show. This is my cousin in Tulsa, so I just started calling him 'Episode Three'."

In his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Offerman described his wife as his 'curator', joking that she also 'chose every garment that I'm wearing tonight'.

Discussing the huge reaction to the episode, Nick said: "The episode began airing on Sunday. We had 6.4 million viewers.

"And HBO – it's not TV – they are so not f**king around that they send me on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Wednesday to cull the stragglers.

"The 17 of you that haven't seen it yet, you're in for a treat," he joked.

If by 'treat' he means tear-fest, then Nick Offerman was dead right.

Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as Bill and Frank.

All viewers have collectively agreed that this episode was probably the saddest episode of television ever.

One tweeted: “The third episode of The Last Of Us was potentially the saddest episode of anything I have ever watched in my life.”

In the episode, which is so upsetting it's being compared to Pixar's Up, Bill turns his neighbourhood into a sort of safe haven against the infected, complete with booby traps, CCTV, and a whole lot of weapons.

And we have Megan Mullally to thank for it all.

So here we go: Thanks, Mullally.

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