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OnlyFans girl in top 0.4% is now charging people $5,000 for her phone number

OnlyFans girl in top 0.4% is now charging people $5,000 for her phone number

She got the idea because simply too many men wanted her number

An OnlyFans model in the top 0.4 percent of the platform has decided to capitalise on the platform by selling her phone number for a whopping $5,000.

The model, 23, from Paris, France, goes by the name of Laurie and made the announcement with a cheeky snap of her holding a QR code peaking out of her back jean pocket.

The model wrote alongside the picture, which was shared on Telegram: "For the small sum of 5000 dollars anyone can then have my phone number.

"Thanks for your votes," she added with a laughing emoji.

Anyone can get Laurie's number, but it's going to cost them.

As you can imagine, the post went far from unnoticed on the subscription-based platform, which is popular with adult content creators, and it's been liked 1.8K times since it was posted on 7 December.

In an earlier Telegram post, the content creator explained that she got the idea because a lot of men were asking for her phone number.

She explained: "When I go out, dozens of boys ask me for my phone number. I used to give my number to boys quite naively.

"l'm going to do a huge sorting and delete all the numbers. It's up to you to vote.

Laurie is now charging $5,000 for her phone number.

"When a boy gives will ask [for] my number, here are the options:

"1. I give him my number

"2. I give him a fake number

"3. I refuse and tell him I'm in a relationship with my fans

"4. I make him pay $5000."

As we all know, it was option number four that won.

The French model is a huge hit on OnlyFans.
Instagram / lauriefvr

This isn't the first time that Laurie has hit the headlines because of her entrepreneurial ways on OnlyFans.

She also gave her fans the option to 'make every life decision' on her behalf. Seriously.

"I let the fans control my whole life," the 23-year-old told LADbible recently.

"Every decision of my life, important or not. They will have control."

Laurie adopted the unusual tactic on the popular website in a bid to set herself apart from the competition, describing it as 'a concept never seen before'.

Laurie let her OnlyFans subscribers make her every decision.

"I don't see my subscribers as a group but more as individuals," she explained.

"I like to take the time to really get to know each person on my account and I think that's what makes me different from other content creators.

"I don't like to reveal too much of myself with mass messages for everyone. I prefer to get to know each person."

Well, one thing is for sure, now that she's put her phone number up for sale, Laurie is more than likely to get to know a few of her fans even better.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lauriefvr / Telegram/@livewithlaurie

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