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Frustrating Optical Illusion Of Lad’s Jumper Changing Colour Baffles The Internet

Frustrating Optical Illusion Of Lad’s Jumper Changing Colour Baffles The Internet

An optical illusion of a man's colour-changing jumper is confusing everyone

Optical illusions are no strangers to the internet. From the 2015 viral phenomenon of that one dress to all those 'when you see it' pictures, we've all seen our fair share of mind-boggling optical illusions.

The latest one, posted on TikTok just a few days ago, has totally baffled the internet.

Captioned 'Had to watch this several times to process what was happening', the 19-second clip pretty much demands repeat watching.

It shows a TikTok duet, a function that allows other creators to stitch their own videos onto pre-existing ones, of one creator showing us all the very relatable reaction to the puzzling clip.

With the text 'And to think I'm watching this video sober' typed over the video, the TikToker begins to give viewers some instruction as to how to watch this optical illusion.

"I want you to remember that the guy in front is wearing a green jumper," he starts off with.

The front man starts off with a green jumper.

He continues, "Now, watch to the end. This will blow your f***ing mind."

As he watches on, the original TikTok created by @christiankesniel – which now has over 36.4 million views and 3.8 million likes – shows five figures dancing in a pyramid formation, all wearing a different coloured jumper.

The man at the front of the pyramid is in a green hoodie, and they are all dancing in tandem while rotating their positions.

Man is baffled by optical colour switch illusion.

As the man who started at the head of the pyramid moves down the triangle, it becomes clear that his hoodie has changed colour entirely to blue from green.

Not only this, but after watching the hypnotising clip a couple more times, it also becomes clear that every single one of the hoodies had changed colour.

Thousands have rushed to the comment section to weigh in on the utterly confusing TikTok video.

Many were left totally bewildered by the optical illusion, with one writing: "The color change hurt my brain a bit."

Optical illusions have been baffling people for decades.

"My brain can’t comprehend the color switch," another chimed in.

Echoing their comments, another marvelled at the impressive illusion, writing: "Wow! That just broke my brain for several seconds.. that was so cool!"

Others offered praise for the TikTok creator's editing skills, with one user commenting: "It changes color so slowly that it's harder to tell. It's awesome."

Another dubbed the video 'a very smooth transition'.

It's fair to say that this is one optical illusion that has definitely succeeded in messing with the internet's minds.

Featured Image Credit: @benbensecretbear/TikTok

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