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'Incredibly Rude' Optical Illusion Turns Out To Be Something Much Tamer

'Incredibly Rude' Optical Illusion Turns Out To Be Something Much Tamer

It took a lot of people a lot of time to figure out what it actually was


An optical illusion has left people feeling rather puzzled – and even a bit disappointed.

The photo was shared on Reddit in a subreddit dedicated to 'Confusing Perspectives'.

The image was shared with the caption 'confident lady at the festival', and 'she' was all a lot of people could see for a good while there.

Take a look at 'her' here:

What do you see?

So, what exactly do you see?

In the foreground, there are two people holding hands, but then laying out in front of them on the grass, it looks like a woman facing away from the camera is basically baring her whole bum. Well, at least that's what the people on Reddit could see.

One person commented: "Thought it was really an over confident women with a g string bathing suit on till I zoomed in."

Another said: "This one is one of the best ones I've seen. Legit looked like an ass."

A third added: "That one is next level, it took me a solid 10 seconds to manage to not see a thicc ass."

But of course, this is an optical illusion, and there is no 'thicc ass'. What the hell is it then?

In case you're still blinded by the illusory bum, I shall explain.

That apparent behind is in fact... an arm and a leg.

Sitting to the right of the people holding hands in camping chairs is another person in a camping chair, who has their left ankle resting on their right knee, and their left hand resting on their left shin.

Presumably, the festival-goer had no idea that from a certain perspective, in that moment in time, their left knee looked like a left bum cheek, and their left hand looked like a right bum cheek.

See it now?

Is there a foot growing out of that bum?

People on Reddit were very impressed by the illusion – though a lot of them preferred it when they didn't know what it actually was.

One person commented: "oh this ones so good. i saw the foot and the chair and still took a bit to figure out how it was all situated. i thought it was two legs."

Another said: "I figured it out but then confused myself again because it was better that way."

A third wrote: "I know what it is.. now, but my brain can't convince my 'happiness' to back off."

OK folks, that's enough illusory bum appreciation for today.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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