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People are calling on Will Smith to slap Chris Rock again after lacklustre Netflix special

People are calling on Will Smith to slap Chris Rock again after lacklustre Netflix special

Chris Rock's comedy special about that Oscars slapped has finally dropped and has left some less than impressed.

Chris Rock's live stand-up Netflix special had dropped, but despite the fact, everyone knew he was going to address the whole Oscars slap, many have called out the performance for being a bit... well, 'meh'.

In the long-awaited comedic response to the infamous Oscars slap, Rock revealed why he didn't hit Will Smith back in the special.

He also roasted Jada Pinkett-Smith's cheating and how she chose to interview her cuckolded husband on the internet about it for all to see, and Meghan Markle's 'complaining' after winning the ‘light-skinned lottery' and her subsequent accusations of racism within the Royal Family.

Rock also discussed Smith's 'selective outrage', highlighting the fact that Pinkett-Smith interviewed her husband after cheating on him with one of her son's friends, R&B vocalist August Alsina.

"We all been cheated on, everybody in here been cheated on. None of us have ever been interviewed by the person that cheated on us on television. None of us," Rock said during the special.

"They're like, 'Hey, I was sucking somebody else's d***. How did that make you feel?'"

Rock went on to add that 'she hurt him way more than he hurt me'.

But, despite Rock serving up some definitely spicy takedowns during his special, many have flooded social media to slam his lukewarm response to The Slappening.

One user said: "Netflix keeps screwing over subscribers. They cancel hit shows people actually wanna watch and give Chris Rock millions of dollars to prove Will Smith was right to slap him."

Another commented: "Will Smith slaps you in front of 16 million people, and after a year of hyping up your comedy special, all you can come up with is calling him a b***h over and over.

They added: "Will Smith - 2. Chris Rock - 0."

A third said: "He really wants Will Smith to slap him again."

Another chimed in: "Will Smith gonna have to slap that man again. That's the only solution."

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

As many of you will already know, the Oscars slap unfolded at last year's Academy Awards, when Rock made a G.I. Jane joke about Pinkett-Smith, a comment that referenced her bald head.

The joke enraged the Fresh Prince star, who was seen shouting 'keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth'.

He then walked up to the stage and slapped Rock around the face.

Bizarrely, the night carried on as usual, but Smith later faced the repercussions, including a 10-year Oscars ban.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix. REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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