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Peter Kay Makes A Triumphant Return To Stage

Peter Kay Makes A Triumphant Return To Stage

Stand-up comedian Peter Kay has returned to the stage to raise money for cancer leaving fans overjoyed.

Stand-up comedian Peter Kay has returned to the stage to raise money for cancer and left fans overjoyed.

On Saturday, 15 April, the 48-year-old took part in a 'dance-a-thon' at Manchester Central which lasted three hours called, 'Peter Kay's Dance For Life'.

Playing tunes from Abba to S Club, the event marked the Peter Kay's Car Share host's first public appearance since 2018.

The comedian is raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Kay had to cancel his 2018 tour because of 'unforeseen family circumstances'. The event at Manchester Central was originally set to go ahead in 2020, but had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to the stage about 20 minutes behind schedule, at roughly 7:50pm, Kay apologised for being delayed and joked the audience had been 'a bit slow coming in'.

He said: "A lot of you won’t get a chance to dance anymore. If you’re like me, it’ll be every four years at a wedding for about 11 minutes until they play something modern and you sit down because you feel about 100!"

Kay wore an eye-catching ensemble of a colourful shell suit featuring images of records and a rainbow headband, however he told the audience to not 'all look' at him, but to 'dance'.

Stand-up comedian Peter Kay has returned to the stage for a dance-a-thon tour.
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Attendees not only flocked to Manchester Central in brightly coloured dress-up but also took to social media in support of Kay's return to the stage. One said: "Getting ready for a big danceathon party with Peter Kay tonight in Manchester - my youngest's present to my hubby - told him to get his 70’s tracksuit out - met with silence."

"A great night out at the GMex with Peter Kay playing some cheesy tunes. Good to see the Bolton lad back," another wrote.

A third reflected: "Just got back from Peter’s Manchester gig - DJ PK was awesome. Can’t feel my feet but it was worth it!"

Dance-a-thon goers were spotted dressed up as characters such Fred Flintstone and Max from Phoenix Nights.

Alongside some classic jokes, Kay also used a screen, such as for displaying a map with the areas of Dudley and Milton Keynes highlighted.

The image was accompanied by the song, 'We Fell In Love in a Hopeless Place'.

Kay reflected: "I've honestly never had so much fun as I had working on Dance for Life. The atmosphere was so happy and positive; it really is a great way to raise money for the worthiest of causes.

"All people have to do is turn up and dance. I'd also like to encourage people to get themselves sponsored via where a special Dance For Life team page has been set up."

After a second performance in Manchester tonight, 16 April, Kay's dance-a-thon is set to head to London for 29 April and then Liverpool for the 19 and 20 of August.

In London, the event is being held at Alexandra Palace. In Liverpool, it is at SPACE by Echo Arena Liverpool.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Macmillan’s Cancer Support Line on 0808 808 00 00, 8am–8pm seven days a week 

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media/ Alamy

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