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Viral Photo That Convinced People Dan Bilzerian Got Married Has Been Explained

Viral Photo That Convinced People Dan Bilzerian Got Married Has Been Explained

The controversial influencer is known for his lavish bachelor lifestyle - but some fans thought that might have come to an end

An Instagram post which generated speculation that the notorious Dan Bilzerian had gotten married has now seemingly been explained.

The 41-year-old poker player, who has gained a reputation for his lavish playboy lifestyle, posted a cryptic picture of him and his girlfriend at what appeared to be a wedding.

With the caption reading: "I finally did it," it led some fans to conclude that the controversial bachelor had finally tied the knot.

However, an explanation for the picture has since been found, after the discovery of another picture uploaded to Instagram.

As it has now been revealed, Bilzerian was at the wedding of friend, Bill Perkins, in the South of France, where his girlfriend was one of the bridesmaids.

Perkins, who is a fellow high stakes poker player from Texas, uploaded pictures from his wedding to wife Lara over the weekend.

In one of the photos, Dan and his partner can be seen in the background, enjoying the festivities, which squashes the notion that Bilzerian has decided set to settle down - at least for the time being.

One can only assume that the famously non-monogamous social media star was trolling with his 'finally did it' comment - although it certainly looks to have fooled some of his fans.

UFC veteran Mike Swick commented: "Amazing! It seems like the 100ft below the surface underwater epic proposal was just yesterday! Nice Dapper Dan! I know where the Honeymoon will be…"

"Finally my biggest competitor is locked down," another joked.

A third said: "Finally after 10 thousand trials."

A final follower echoed the thoughts of many and simply stated: "I'm not sure how to take this."

The man himself has been much less active on social media this year, which could indicate that a lifestyle change may be on the horizon after all.

It looks like the notorious playboy hasn't tied the knot just yet.

Bilzerian's social media channels have historically been littered with videos of him partying next to an array of beautiful models - a trend that came to an abrupt halt at the beginning of 2022.

Back in January, he spoke to InsideHook about the social media hiatus, stating: "I just lived in the circus for so long that I kind of just — I really needed a break." 

He then added: "I’ve said this before, but I feel like it’s like a video game that I beat five years ago and I’m tired of playing it." 

Bilzerian is now seemingly back to his usual posting schedule, although it is currently unclear if this will remain long term.

His 33 million Instagram followers will certainly hope he sticks around for a while longer yet.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram/@danbilzerian

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