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Piers Morgan Says Katie Price Tried To Have Sex With Him And Simon Cowell

Piers Morgan Says Katie Price Tried To Have Sex With Him And Simon Cowell

The former Good Morning Britain has written an open letter to his friend Katie Price

Piers Morgan has claimed Katie Price once told him in no uncertain terms that she wanted to have sex with him, and that she was also turned down by Simon Cowell. 

Morgan wrote an open letter in The Sun, in which he urged the former glamour model to ‘wake the f**k up’ and ‘pull yourself together’. 

He started the letter by telling his ‘friend for 20 years’ that he felt compelled to speak about Price’s ‘chaotic life’ in recent months. 

The TV personality then revealed some secrets from their long-standing friendship saying her antics all added to the ‘Pricey’ legend. 

Piers Morgan has claimed the former glamour model said she wanted to have sex with him.

He wrote: “I remember bumping into you at the National TV Awards and asking if you were intoxicated. ‘I'm not drunk yet,’ you laughed, ‘but I will be soon and when I am, watch out Morgan!’

“Then you explained exactly what you would do to me, which I'm afraid is not repeatable in a family newspaper!”

Morgan also claimed that Price had once been left in an ‘indignant rage’ after Simon Cowell turned down an ‘offer of a risqué sexual gift’ from the model at his 50th birthday party. 

Morgan continued: “And I remember being told by an impeccable celebrity source, who was there, about an outrageous dinner party in Italy a few years ago where you suddenly flashed your surgically enhanced cleavage at our now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.”

Morgan also claimed Katie Price 'flashed her cleavage' at the now Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Elsewhere in the letter, Morgan praised his pal for being a good mum and said she had always been one of his favourite celebrities due to her honest and frank nature, but he added ‘everything you do and say these days smacks of someone who has jumped the shark from amusing entertainer to embarrassing train-wreck’. 

Morgan said he was left horrified after she was involved in a drink-driving smash last year, and criticised her for splashing out on a pink Ferrari last week, despite having a driving ban. 

The former Good Morning Britain host ended his letter: "You may be outraged by this open letter and tell me to shove my concern where the sun doesn’t shine.

"But whether you want to hear it or not, someone has to tell you some home truths before it’s too late. Wake up, Katie. Don’t do it for me - do it for your children."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram/@piersmorgan

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