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Who Is PinkPantheress? Real Name, Age And Key Facts

Who Is PinkPantheress? Real Name, Age And Key Facts

This year, the BBC Sound of 2022 Winner is PinkPantheress - but who is this rising star with a mysterious name?

The BBC Sound of competition has predicted stardom for artists like Adele, Years & Years and Sam Smith, meaning the annual winner’s announcement is sure to set-up a busy year for the lucky up-and-comer. 

This year, the BBC Sound of 2022 Winner is PinkPantheress - but who is this rising star with a mysterious name?

Who is PinkPantheress and why is she famous?

If you’ve indulged in TikTok, like the majority of Gen-Z, Millennials or Boomers alike, then you’ve probably come across PinkPantheress’ music.

If TikTok is not your app of choice, then you might be familiar with her tracks Just For Me and Pain which peaked at 27 and 35 on the UK Top 40 after gaining traction on the app. The songs sample Central Cee’s Obsessed With You and Sweet Female Attitude’s Flowers (Sunship Edit), respectively.

Last January, the TikTok star started posting 12-second clips of her music to the platform, utilizing it as a “focus group” to choose which songs to complete to her signature full two-minute pop-tracks. 

After her single Break It Off went viral on TikTok, she was signed to Parlophone records. In October, she dropped her debut mixtape, To Hell With It, combining her early bedroom-pop productions with her studio material. 

You can follow her TikTok at @pinkpantheress.

What is PinkPantheress’ real name?

The singer, who uses her TikTok username as her alias, leaves her name a mystery. She chooses to keep her real name a secret, and until quite recently, she didn’t post her face on social media to protect her “privacy”. 

She told the BBC in a recent interview: "I find it easier to not lay every single card on the table. I like my privacy and I felt like, if I have my music out and my face everywhere, it would start getting too much for people."

PinkPantheress’ Key Facts

  • Real Name: It’s a mystery!
  • Age: 20
  • DoB: 18th April 2001
  • Nationality: British and Kenyan
  • Net Worth: $1.7K
  • TikTok Followers: 1.1M
  • Instagram Followers: 655K
  • Twitter Followers: 26.9K
  • YouTube Subscribers: 335K

All numbers correct as of 6th January 2022

PinkPantheress Net Worth: How much does PinkPantheress earn?

PinkPantheress has an estimated net worth of $1.7K (£1.26K) in 2022. 

Although she has started showing her face on social media, she has not yet been snapped up by brand sponsorships or production opportunities - though this is bound to change in coming years. 

On her website, her 10-track CD is available for purchase for £4.99, with PinkPantheress also earning money from the online streams of her music. 

How old is PinkPantheress?

PinkPantheress was born in Bath, Somerset, on 18th April 2001, making her 20-years-old in 2022. 

Her mother is Kenyan and her father is English, with the family moving to Kent in the South East when she was a child. 

PinkPantheress’ mother works as a carer, while her father is now said to be working as an academic in the United States. 

Who Is PinkPantheress' boyfriend/girlfriend?

With PinkPantheress keeping the details of her life secret on social media, it’s no surprise to see that she’s not posted anything about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

However, on April 30th 2021, the singer-songwriter did post a picture of a blonde girl in a shopping centre wearing a face mask and holding up a T-shirt which says “life in pink” and fittingly depicts the Pink Panther cartoon. Though, she could just be a friend to the star. 

Three Interesting Facts About PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress’ rise to fame on TikTok, combined with the mystery of her identity has led to some interesting tidbits about the artist. From finding inspiration from a UK quiz show to a famous rock group giving a tribute to her, PinkPantheress is much more than just a TikTok star. 

1) The Chase inspired her TikTok name

PinkPantheress’ stage name was inspired by the UK quiz show, The Chase. She said she was watching the show when she heard the question “what is a female panther called?”. It is said she decided to add “Pink” to the start of the name as “Pantheress” was already taken on Instagram, and Pink Panther is one of her favourite films.

 2) Coldplay covered one of her songs 

In October, British rock band giants Coldplay covered her track Just For Me in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. PinkPantheress said to the BBC that the cover “felt crazy because I actually like Coldplay”.

She continued: “They made it quite emotional, quite sombre... quite Coldplay! It was really different.”

3) Her mixtape cover was based on American Horror Story

The creative was aiming for “dark murder house” vibes with the cover art for her debut mixtape, To Hell With It - which she based on the Netflix series American Horror Story

Speaking to Spotify RADAR, PinkPantheress explained: “The album cover… I’m a big fan of Gregory Crewsdon and David LaChapelle. Just like surreal, almost fictional, hand-painted boat photography. As a concept, I was just trying to go for like a dark murder house. American Horror Story, Tate Langdon, as a vibe.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: @bbcradio1

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