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Pub offers to 'chip in for your headstone' if you die during 8,000 calorie challenge

Pub offers to 'chip in for your headstone' if you die during 8,000 calorie challenge

This sandwich isn't for the faint-hearted

Food challenges are slowly but surely growing in popularity, despite the very real danger they present to punters.

But now one pub has done the decent thing and offered to help pay for your headstone if their 8,000-calorie sandwich ends you. Kind of them, to be fair.

The George Pub & Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, made the revelation on Facebook, where they advertised their eye-popping 'parmo kebab sandwich'.

While they didn't specify exactly how many calories the meal contains, they speculated it's over 8,000, which comes in at about about four times the recommended amount for an adult man.

The pub wrote alongside a winking emoji: "If any one has a heart attack whilst eating this then we will pay for a taxi to the hospital. If some one does pop their clogs then we'll chip in on the headstone [sic]."

The boozer added: "Dig in!"

Would you be brave enough to try the Parmo Kebab Sandwich?
Facebook / The George Pub & Grill / Kennedy News and Media

The pub went on to clarify that this sandwich isn't even a challenge - it's simply a standard menu item.

However, they did admit they have got a parmo challenge on the menu, and we are getting twinges in our hearts just thinking about it.

As you can imagine, the monster sandwich went far from unnoticed with the good people of Facebook and received hundreds of shocked comments from punters.

"I can feel the indigestion. But I'd still eat it," joked one viewer.

A second pointed out that if a person was having a heart attack, they wouldn't need a taxi to take them to the hospital but an ambulance - although we can appreciate the sentiment regardless.

Kennedy News and Media

They wrote: "Taxi drivers arrr not taking heart patients to hospital."

A third suggested a possible improvement to the sandwich, which may well make it marginally healthier, adding: "Still needs to be in a bun bit of salad chili and garlic [sic]."

The boozer also clarified what a parmo is for anyone not from the Teeside area, where the delicacy appears to have originated.

"It's our delicacy," a rep for the pub said. "A parmo is a chicken schnitzel.

"On top of that, we put a sauce that's sometimes creamy, sometimes thick. It has a creamy yellowness to it. It depends what each restaurant puts in it to make it their own."

A teeside parmo also looks pretty heart-attack inducing.
Facebook / The George Pub & Grill / Kennedy News and Media

We can therefore only assume that the parmo kebab sandwich contains the same standard breaded chicken and unique sauce with the addition of kebab meat for good measure.

Even in its smaller form, it looks like the kind of thing you could only have safely very occasionally - although we have to admit it would probably be banging after a night out.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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