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TikTok Shows Hand Signal Queen Apparently Uses When She Wants To End A Conversation

TikTok Shows Hand Signal Queen Apparently Uses When She Wants To End A Conversation

Her Majesty has a subtle gesture to ensure she doesn't get stuck chatting for hours

A viral TikTok video claims to reveal the secret hand signal the Queen gives when she wants to a conversation to end.

Given our infamous inability to be anything but polite, Brits have come up with a few go-to phrases and gestures for when we want to get out of a social situation.

Rather than hitting the other party with a direct 'I need to go', we might opt for the knee-slap accompanied by a too-loud 'right! Well I suppose I best get off', or the shift of blame by saying 'well don't let me keep you'. It typically still feels a bit rude, but at least it gets the job done.

Cutting a conversation short is apparently one thing the Queen doesn't have to worry about, as royal historian Hugo Vickers claims she has some gestures of her own which indicate to her aides she's ready to leave.

One of the signals is revealed in the TikTok video shared by @francispagemedia, which shows Her Majesty bringing one hand behind her back and grabbing her handbag from the other.

The Queen uses her handbag to indicate she wants to end a conversation.
Francis Page Media/TikTok

It's a subtle gesture that anyone might do just to shift the weight during a conversation, but while it might go unnoticed by the person being spoken to it apparently doubles up as a way of saying 'I'm the Queen of England, Get Me Out Of Here'.

Speaking to British Heritage, Vickers claimed the Queen uses her bag to relay her wishes while navigating official functions.

A shift of the bag from one hand to the next indicates she's ready to end her current conversation, while placing the bag on the table shows she's ready to leave an event in the next five minutes. 

The most important signal, however, apparently involves the Queen twisting her wedding ring, which means immediate action is required as she wishes to exit a conversation without delay.

TikTok users have been left fascinated by the insight into the Queen's meaningful hand gestures, with many commenters complimenting her for her discretion.

The Queen has a number of signals for her aides.

"I think it's kind if her to be so subtle and polite about it. imagine talking to the Queen and she just turns and walks away or calls out 'I'm done!'" one person responded.

The video also left many viewers feeling envious of the Queen's 'Get Out Of Conversation Free' card, with one writing: "Wish this worked for me I have to listen to bare waffle sometimes."

Needless to say, if you're ever lucky enough to meet the Queen you should keep an eye on her handbag for an indicator of how captivating you're being.

If her hand goes to her wedding ring, though, just give up and get out.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/TikTok/@francispagemedia

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