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Quentin Tarantino looking for leading man for new movie but 'doesn’t want to cast a Brit’

Quentin Tarantino looking for leading man for new movie but 'doesn’t want to cast a Brit’

While Quentin Tarantino conceded British actors are pretty good, he is not targeting any of them for his latest project

Quentin Tarantino is on the lookout for a man to lead his new film project, but the special one will not be a Brit.

I think we are all too aware of some of Tarantino's preferences when it comes to casting, particularly the rumours of a foot fetish, which a lot of us know far too much about.

And for his next project, we know for sure - unless he has a massive change of heart - there will be no British actors involved, and the star has explained exactly why.

While this is a big shame for us living in the UK, it does rule a lot of people out of the running.

But what exactly is Tarantino's latest film all about? Well, the director is keeping his cards close to his chest on that one.

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Speaking to Deadline, Tarantino confirmed that his latest offering, The Movie Critic, will be about a film critic from the 1970s, but did confirm it would not be about New Yorker’s Pauline Kael.

Instead, the director confirmed it would be about a man who wrote for a porno magazine, which actually has links to Tarantino, as one of his jobs as a teen was to load porn magazines into a vending machine and empty out quarters of the cash dispenser.

The film director was asked by Deadline if the critic in question was 'known', to which Tarantino cheekily responded: "Well, he was known if you read the Popstar Pages!!"

He added: "He wrote about mainstream movies and he was the second-string critic. I think he was a very good critic. He was as cynical as hell. His reviews were a cross between early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle if he were a film critic."

Tarantino was then asked if he would consider casting an actor from the UK if he struggled to find one suitable from the US.

The film director will not be casting a British actor.
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But the answer was an emphatic one: "No. The truth of the matter is, yes, obviously, a Brit could pull it off, but I don’t want to cast a Brit," he said.

"Obviously, nothing against the Brits, but we’re living in a really weird time now.

"I think when people look back on this era of cinema and it’s just all these British actors pretending to be Americans and all these Australian actors pretending to be Americans, it’s like phantoms. Nobody is acting in their own voice."

Tarantino concluded: "We just happen to be in an era of really, really good British actors who for the most part can pull it off."

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