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Rachel Riley left red-faced after Countdown board spells out 'jiz'

Rachel Riley left red-faced after Countdown board spells out 'jiz'

The sauciest daytime TV show delivers once again

Rachel Riley held back the giggles once again on Countdown after spelling out 'jiz'. You can watch Rachel and the contestants trying not to laugh below:

The daytime TV show sees contestants attempt to crack number and letter-based puzzles as the clock counts down (obviously), and as you'd expect from such a format, it's all very wholesome, family-friendly stuff.

However, when co-presenter Riley pulls out vowel and consonant tiles for the letter round, there's no telling what she might spell out - and from time to time things get a little X-rated.

On a recent episode, the sequence of vowels and consonants spelt out 'IDLORUEJZ', which initially seemed pretty innocuous. But once the clock had run down and a contestant had announced his winning word, 'LOUDER', Riley had to rearrange the tiles... and was left with 'JIZ'.

As the camera panned to the board, it now read: "JIZ LOUDER."

Channel 4

Riley, 36, managed to suppress any temptation to laugh, but there appeared to be a knowing smirk on her face - a smirk that knew that there was no way on Earth that 'JIZ LOUDER' would have passed by without comment on the show's comedic cousin 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

The fact that there really should have been another 'z' to create a fully-formed jizz is neither here nor there - it sounds exactly the same, and it sounds funny.

Riley is, of course, very well-versed in revealing rude words on the show.

In fact, in 2019, she shared her very own countdown of the rudest words she'd had to present on the show.

Celebrating 10 years as a co-presenter, the Oxford graduate shared a Twitter thread of the greatest hits from the past decade.

Channel 4

From the 'C' word to 'twat' and from 'squirt' to 'noshed', the TV personality's post included all manner of swears and smut.

The flashbacks also looked back at the time 'perverts', 'cottagers', 'vaginas' and 'todgers' all graced the famous blue board.

So yeah, a bit of 'jiz' was nothing out of the ordinary for Riley.

Commenting on the thread, one fan wrote: "Undoubtedly the best post ever!!"

Another said: "The best parts of all of these are @RachelRileyRR expressions."

A third added: "Completely juvenile and I giggled at each and every one!"

"This will never not be funny," wrote another.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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