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Rainn Wilson Credits John Krasinski With Some Of His Best Work On The Office

Rainn Wilson Credits John Krasinski With Some Of His Best Work On The Office

Wilson and Krasinski worked together on The Office for nine years

Anyone who's seen The Office will know the characters played by Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski weren't the best of friends, but now Wilson has opened up about how the pair actually get on in real life.

Search 'Rainn Wilson' on Google and one of the questions that comes up is 'Did John Krasinski get along with Rainn Wilson?'

It's a fair question, given all the pranks Jim played on Dwight over the years, and though they did manage to make amends in the end there were a lot of years when they were pitched as enemies. At least, that's how Dwight saw them.

In real life, though, Wilson has assured he and Krasinski 'get along great'.

The actor told LADbible the pair are in the same fantasy football league and stay in touch via text 'every once in a while'.

"He's a great guy," Wilson said. "We got along great the whole way, he was a great collaborator."

Wilson went on to say he was 'really glad' to see Krasinski writing and directing on projects such as A Quiet Place, describing him as 'very talented' in those areas.

"I knew that right from the get go, because he would always have the best ideas," he explained.

Dwight and Jim were at odds in The Office.

Wilson recalled how Krasinski would offer suggestions to try and help better The Office, recommending lines or actions to his fellow castmates and pitching new positions for the cameras.

Wilson continued: "He would always have those extra ideas that a lot of actors don’t really think about."

The actor, who has most recently appeared in the Paramount+ film Jerry and Marge Go Large, went on to credit Krasinski for helping produce some of Wilson's greatest performances, saying: "A lot of the best work that I ever did on the show was courtesy of John Krasinski giving me pointers and ideas and tips and direction, which I welcomed."

Rainn Wilson stars as a shopkeeper in Jerry and Marge Go Large.

Wilson returned to the role of a comedic character in Jerry and Marge Go Large, in which he stars alongside Bryan Cranston as a shopkeeper who sells lottery tickets to a couple who have figured out how to win every time.

The actor said it was 'super fun' to return to a more light-hearted role, saying it was the first time he's played a 'comedic relief character in a long long time'.

"When I read the script I was like, 'I’m not that interested in just doing comedy, because I did comedy for so long', but it was just fun. I was like, ‘this is just going to be a blast’, to do this and to just mix it up, improvise. I get to be the big weird guy again. It was very different from Dwight, but equally as funny I hope."

Jerry and Marge Go Large is available to stream on Paramount+ now.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/NBC

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