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Australian reality TV stars reveal what it's really like on some of the biggest shows in the country

Charisa Bossinakis

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Australian reality TV stars reveal what it's really like on some of the biggest shows in the country

Some of the biggest reality stars in Australia have revealed what it’s actually like to be on TV.

You might remember Dean Wells, a contestant on 2018’s chaotic Married At First Sight’s season, who was involved in a love affair with Davina Rankin while he was 'married' to Tracey Jewel.

He claims producers put you in a pressure cooker from the get-go.

“They do these very in-depth personality and psychological evaluation tests to work out how they can f**k with you,” he said in LADbible’s Hindsight series.


But is this the classic villain, blaming the edit?

Well, not according to The Bachelorette’s Keira Maguire.

And you best believe they’ll lower you into a pit of snakes if it’ll make for more entertaining TV - or in Keira’s case, a mansion with 18 other women competing for one man’s heart.


“They really are setting you up for a situation where they know, ‘if we do this, this is how she’s going to react,” she revealed.

“So they know how to get you.”

While the idea of reality TV might seem appealing to some, it’s not all glitz and glamour.

This includes the infamous ‘Bachie Pad’.


“There’s like five or six bedrooms; you live like you’re in jail, you’ve got like bunk beds,” Keira said.

I mean, at least you don’t have to compete in embarrassing challenges to win a man’s approval when you’re in the clink.

And rest assured, plenty of things happen behind the scenes that aren't exposed in the show.


Just think of the producers' mantra being: If it’s not on the cutting room floor, it’s irrelevant - even if it’s juicy.

“There are people who don’t have good intentions, but if they, for example, find love, they’ll get a good edit," Keira said.

"It doesn’t matter because they want a story, ok, so you’ve obviously got your villains, but they need people to fall in love.

"For example, there was one girl who was so calculated, so manipulative, just not a good person in my opinion, and she got the best edit.”


However, there’s one thing the former Bachelorette believes should be eliminated from reality TV altogether.

“I think when people are putting themselves out and making themselves vulnerable, I don’t think frankenbiting should be allowed; it should be illegal,” Keira said.

You can find out way more about what happens on the YouTube video on LADbible Australia's page.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/LADbible Australia. Instagram/Keira Maguire

Topics: News, Australia, TV and Film

Charisa Bossinakis
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