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10 Easter Eggs In Resident Evil You Might Have Missed

Sonja Tutty

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10 Easter Eggs In Resident Evil You Might Have Missed

Netflix's new Resident Evil live-action was released yesterday and hawk-eyed fans have already spotted a ton of Easter Eggs in the series. 

The eight episode season follows two new characters created for the series: Jade and Billie Wesker. The two teenagers move with their father, the iconic villain Albert Wesker played by Lance Reddick.

All though it is not a direct adaption of the games, the episodes have plenty of easter eggs and call backs. Here are some you might have missed (spoilers ahead).



The Umbrella Corporation logo is an octagon shape and there are octagons placed throughout the series including on picture frames around the Wesker house to the silver earrings Jade wears in the first episode.

Raccoon City

The 2022 timeline in the show is set in New Raccoon City. It keeps the details similar to the game where the original Raccoon City was ruined in 1998 after a T-Virus outbreak. Umbrella states the area was destroyed when the truth is that they fired a nuclear missile at the city.


The Doberman

Billie and Jade’s fight with the infected Doberman is a callback to the original 1996 Resident Evil. One of the scariest parts of the game is when a zombie dog breaks through a glass window. The 2002 Resident Evil film also featured its own version of that jump-scare.


Jade and Billie’s little dog is named Pablo and while it’s possible this is just a coincidence, it seems likely that the name Pablo is a nod to Pablo Kuntz, the voice actor that voiced Albert Wesker in the games.


Ada Wong

In the last episode, Albert gives Jade a note with a name and address. The father tells her that the person is a friend and someone she can always turn to for help. The name is Ada Wong, a mysterious spy and fan-favourite from the games. Some viewers are hopeful this is a nod to her appearance in the show if it gets a second season.

William Birkin


William Birkin, a major antagonist in the games, gets a shoutout during the show. Birkin is one of the leading virologists in the T-Virus study and also discovered the Golgotha Virus (G-Virus) which also gets a mention in the live-action.

We see that Evelyn keeps some kind of horrible create in a tank that looks similar to Birkin's mutated form after he injects himself with G-Virus in the games.

Beethovens's Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” is played in the fifth episode during a scavenger hunt that Albert has created for Jade and Billie. The symphony also plays a handful of times in the Resident Evil games. At one point it needs to be played to unlock a secret room in the mansion.



The series uses many well-known creatures, bit the Lickers are some of the creepiest. They appear in the third episode and create some of the most frightening moments.

Giant Alligator

The mutated alligator that Jade weaponises on the show will bring many fans back to the dreaded boss fight in Resident Evil 2's sewers.

Chainsaw Man

The “Chainsaw Man” is from Resident Evil 4. He has a short feature in the fourth episode when Jade and Baxter are imprisoned by the Brotherhood. Chainsaw Man has the job of cutting up prisoners and feeding them to zombies.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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Sonja Tutty
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