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Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend, Rich Paul? Career, Net Worth And Key Facts

Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend, Rich Paul? Career, Net Worth And Key Facts

This weekend, on 1st and 2nd July, Adele is set to play a rare two-day only concert in Hyde Park in London

This weekend, on 1st and 2nd July, Adele is set to play a rare two-day only concert in Hyde Park in London.

Following the success of Adele One Night Only, which aired on CBS in November 2021 and brought fans across the globe to tears, it’s no surprise that Adele’s Hyde Park dates sold out within an hour of its ticket prelaunch.

Adele has released smash hit after smash hit, wowing fans with her new album 30 (2021), marking the star’s milestone age and all that she has learned over the years.

The album won a Brit Award for the Best British Album of the Year, furthering the singer's successful music streak.

Despite the success of her latest album, Adele’s previous tracks, including ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (2011) and ‘Someone Like You’ (2011) remain UK radio classics even 11 years after their initial release.

While Adele can whole-heartedly be considered one of the UK’s national treasures, having won over the country with her powerful vocals, down-to-earth personality and iconic cockney accent, fans are left wondering who could possibly be the star’s equal.

The artist publicly split from her now ex-husband, charity CEO Simon Konecki, in 2019.

However, two years on from the pair’s split, fans are desperate to know who Adele’s new love interest is.

So, Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend?

Adele is currently dating American sports agent, Rich Paul, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

The pair made headlines in July 2021 after they were spotted getting cosy on the courtside while watching Game 5 of the NBA finals.

Shortly afterwards, the two were spotted visiting Italian hotel chain, Cipriani, in New York City, practically confirming their relationship in the public eye.

Since then, both Adele and Rich Paul have shared snaps of each other on Instagram, something wildly out of character for Adele, who usually keeps her personal life private.

However, since dating Rich Paul, Adele has opened up publicly about their relationship, gushing about how he is both smart and funny to Oprah during an interview on Adele One Night Only.

Rich Paul Key Facts

Real Name: Rich Paul

Age: 40

DOB: 16th December 1981

Nationality: American

Instagram Followers: 447K

All numbers are correct as of 28th June 2022.

What Is Rich Paul’s Job?

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Rich Paul has an estimated net worth of $120 million (£103 million).

Paul started in the agency world by working at Creative Arts Agency in 2002, where he learned the tricks of the trade.

A decade later in 2012, he founded Klutch Sports Group, an American sports agency which has since gone on to represent a number of prominent US sportsmen and NBA players.

Among Paul’s clientele are the likes of LeBron James, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers and Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Considering Paul’s success in the business world, Forbes named him among the world’s top 10 most powerful people of 2020, calling him “one of the sports world’s most polarizing figures.”

However, that’s not to say that Paul hasn’t faced multiple hurdles in his journey to success. Paul stated that starting out, he was “Young, African-American, and didn’t go to a prestigious business school,” but he took his own advice: “To make it, I tell people to not only dream big, but achieve big.”

How Old Is Rich Paul?

Rich Paul is 40 years old and was born on 16th December 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Paul received a private school education from the Roman Catholic Benedictine High School in his hometown. The school’s annual tuition rate for the 2021-2022 intake was $19.9K (£16.2K).

However, Rich Paul grew up in a relatively working-class family, as his father, Rich Paul Sr, worked in a confectionary store. His father died in 1999 while Paul was only 18 years old, and his mother battled drug addiction, leaving Paul to live with his grandmother. 

Paul also has two siblings, although their names are not publicly known.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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