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Riley Reid said that she would urge other people not to get into the adult industry in an emotional video posted a few years back.

The porn star, who is now 31, got teary in the video shared on her YouTube channel back in 2020, as she bemoaned some of the problems with being in the adult industry.

Of course, Reid – real name Ashley Mathews – has made a good living out of porn, making millions and becoming one of the biggest stars in that world.

However, that comes at a price, as it has cost her relationships, privacy, and caused issues with her family.

So, it wouldn’t be a career choice that she’d recommend to many other people.

In fact, Reid states in the clip that she’d actively warn people against getting involved.

“A lot of times when people ask me if they should do porn, I tell them no,” she said.

Riley Reid became emotional talking about the cost of her career.
YouTube/Riley Reid

“I tell them that it makes life really hard, it makes dating really hard, it makes your family life really hard, it makes intimacy hard.”

She continued: “If you're putting yourself out there and the world is now judging you, you have to be OK with being shamed every day of your life.”

“I don't even want to have children because I do porn, because I'm worried [about] the way that people will treat my child.”

Now, Reid has actually had a child, welcoming a baby girl into the world with husband, Pasha Petkuns, in July 2022.

Reid’s own mother was initially supportive of her career choice, with Reid admitting that ‘she kind of just let me do whatever’.

But that didn’t last, and things turned sour a while back.

She continued: “When I started to set these boundaries, not giving her money or things like that - it made our relationship a bit more difficult and almost toxic and so it sucks.

“I don't have a mum anymore, I don't talk to her, I miss having a mum.

“I feel like you can't rewind and you can't go back.

“I don't have that relationship with her anymore.

“I don't ever think I will and that bums me out. It bums me out a lot.”

Reid became one of the porn world's biggest stars, but it hasn't been without problems.
Instagram/Riley Reid

What’s more, she bemoaned her relationship with her ‘religious’ father is deteriorating, adding: “Recently I wanted to go visit him and he said that I can't go visit because his wife - my stepmum - does not want me there,

“I'm not allowed to go visit my dad anymore because my stepmum doesn't like that I do porn.

“When I was like well can we go get coffee or breakfast, he was like 'I don't want to be seen in public with you' and that just f***ing hurt so bad and it sucks.”

Reid concluded: “I’ve lost my family, I don't talk to my brothers or my sisters.

“I think that they all kind of tried to take advantage of me and stuff or they're just like my dad – don't want to be around me.”

Despite that, she seems to be happy these days with her new baby and her husband.

Still, there are problems that persist, including people being insulting to her baby.

In a more recent video, she said: “The amount of people who leave mean comments about my baby is crazy to me.

"Grow up. Stop being mean to a baby.”

Featured Image Credit: Riley Reid/YouTube

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