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New SAS: Who Dares Wins Has ‘Militaristic Authenticity’ No Other Seasons Have Seen

New SAS: Who Dares Wins Has ‘Militaristic Authenticity’ No Other Seasons Have Seen

Rudy Reyes makes his debut on the show this weekend, joined by fellow newcomer Remi Adeleke and veteran stars Foxy and Billy

The new season of SAS: Who Dares Wins has a ‘militaristic authenticity’ no other series have seen before, according to the show’s new chief instructor Rudy Reyes. Find out why by watching a clip from the new series:

The former United States Recon Marine makes his debut this weekend, joined by fellow newcomer Remi Adeleke and veteran stars Jason 'Foxy' Fox and Mark 'Billy' Billingham to form the new elite directing staff team. 

According to Reyes, fans can expect things to be even bigger and better than ever before, thanks in part to the ‘hardcore’ Middle Eastern desert setting in Jordan. 

Reyes told LADbible: “It's cinematic, like a freakin’ Ridley Scott movie - it looks like Black Hawk Down

“And we've got the military assets. The King of Jordan supported us with airframes and, and vehicles and, and pilots. 

“So it's got a level of authenticity - and militaristic authenticity - that no other seasons had before.” 

Channel 4

When asked how the concept compares to real-life training drills or selection processes, Reyes said: “All of the taskers are the same - we have the same taskers. 

“And we also have a punishing training schedule, which is also the same. You're always in a schedule that's that you never have any time to do anything except switch on listen and execute. And in between, you're cleaning your weapon. The only thing these recruits are doing differently than we would in the military in the Marine Corps in the army in the Navy, is they are not continually maintaining their weapons. 

“Everything else is the same – gear, accountability, uniforms, continuous teamwork, and constant hydration. Same kind of thing. Same kind of environment.” 

Reyes also believes the new international directing staff will only help add to the flair:

He continued: “And it's got an infusion of us Americans - myself and Remi. We've got a recon Marine and a Navy SEAL mixed with SAS [and] SBS. 

“And there's something called Genetic Hyper Vigour. When you take beings in from different backgrounds, and they come together, their offspring become stronger and stronger because recessive genes fall away, dominant genes rise. 

“And I think that's what's gonna happen with this show. Bring in Billy, Foxy, Rudy Reyes and Remi Adeleke - together, it's going to make the freakin’ offspring grow. 

“It's going to be badass. You'll see.” 

And it's not just the new 'brotherhood' that viewers can look forward to, as Reyes also has nothing but praise for his new recruits, who he believes should not be underestimated.

Channel 4

“These recruits turn into highly disciplined attack dogs," he said.

"And I'm so proud of them. It makes my little freakin’ Marine Corps heart warm."

Reyes continued: “They're completely committed to being freakin’ first, being fast and being freakin’ violent. It was fantastic. These recruits, I'm very proud of them.

"What you will see in the murderball and the milling is going to blow your mind. What you're going to see in and out of helicopters is going to blow your mind. 

“And, last but not least, do not underestimate anyone on this course. You're going to be surprised.” 

Watch SAS: Who Dares Wins at 9pm on Channel 4 on Sunday 10 April.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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