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Someone found proof that video of 'Sam Smith stage diving into crowd' is fake

Someone found proof that video of 'Sam Smith stage diving into crowd' is fake

A lot of people were convinced Sam Smith was the one in the viral clip

Footage has emerged which proves a viral video claiming to show 'Sam Smith' stage diving into a crowd isn't actually real.

Don't get me wrong, the video as a whole is real - it's not the result of someone's latest AI experiment - it just doesn't involve Sam Smith.

The clip began to gain attention after it was posted online this week with the caption: "Sam Smith doing a stage dive at [their] Seattle show."

The viral clip claimed to show Sam Smith.

The video shows someone being filmed from behind while dressed in a green bodysuit, opening their arms to the crowd before taking a running start and leaping off the stage - seemingly in the hope that the people at the gig would be able to catch them.

Unfortunately, that's not quite how it turns out, and instead the stage diver leaps over people's heads before crashing dramatically to the ground, causing those around them to turn and look down in horror.

Though the person's face isn't visible in the clip, the caption alongside it was enough to convince a lot of social media users that the stage diver was actually Smith.

"Sam smith went to stage dive and nobody caught [them]," one person wrote as they shared the video.

Another wrote: "Sam Smith attempts a stage dive at recent concert."

Viewers were convinced Sam Smith was the one stage diving.

Now, however, another video has emerged which reveals a person dressed in the same green suit as the person in the video - only this time we can see their face, and it's definitely not Sam Smith.

The man who actually performed the stage dive could be seen in his suit, which is meant to look like a turtle, dancing along with a woman to some dance music, with a caption reading 'he was having a really good time until...'.

The video then cuts to show the man on the stage, showing off his same dance moves before the disastrous moment when he leapt into the crowd.

The man on stage was definitely not Sam Smith.

It's unclear exactly what happened to him after that, but concertgoers could be heard expressing their concerns while a caption on the video added: "I really hope he's okay."

Us too.

The fact of the matter, though, is that this man is definitely not Sam Smith, and another look at the first viral video definitely hints that this is the case - the stage dive isn't even performed to one of Smith's songs.

Smith's fans have been quick to try and clear up the viral rumour that they were the one in the video, with one pointing out: "It's sad when people try and make false statements."

Now we've got to the bottom of the video, let's just hope the man involved makes a swift recovery.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Brandonlatham5

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