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Scott Mills And Chris Stark Are Leaving BBC Radio 1

Scott Mills And Chris Stark Are Leaving BBC Radio 1

This is sad news.

Scott Mills and Chris Stark are leaving BBC Radio 1, it was announced today, 1 July.

In a social media post announcing the news, the radio station wrote: "We have some sad news to share.

"Scott Mills and Chris Stark have decided that they will be leaving Radio 1 later this summer.

The pair are leaving Radio 1.

"Thank you from all of us for everything, we'll miss you both greatly.

"Tune into their next show on Monday from 1pm to hear what they have to say to their listeners.

"To find out who will be taking over their slot on the station, tune in to their show on Tuesday afternoon via BBC Sounds."

Scott is leaving Radio 1 after a whopping 24 years on air. He will now be heading over to Radio 2 where he will take over the afternoon show from Steve Wright.

"Time actually does fly when you're having fun, and that's certainly been the case over the past 24 years at my beloved Radio 1," he says.

"The station I pretended to be on in my bedroom from the age of six. The station I told my mum I wanted to work at, but never in a million years thought I would."

The pair will leave Radio 1 on Thursday 25 August with their replacements set to be announced on 5 July.

Steve Wright meanwhile will continue to host other shows for Radio 2, including Sunday Love Songs, a new Serious Jockin’ show and some other specials.

Steve said: “After nearly 24 years of presenting 6 shows a week on Radio 2 – onwards and upwards for some brand new challenges.

“Radio 2 told me several months back that they wanted to do something different in the afternoons, and I thought – fair enough. Let’s give somebody else a go. Scott is a brilliant and versatile broadcaster, he is the man for the job!"

Chris meanwhile, announced the news over on his Twitter, via a video from 'official spokesperson' Lewis Capaldi.

"The boys are absolutely terrified to tell you anything that might upset you or make you feel sad, and I am not," said Lewis.

"They've asked me to do this for them, unfortunately I am afraid it is true, Scott Mills and Chris Stark are going to be leaving Radio 1. I know you're all screaming, shouting at the television... throwing things."

Listeners can tune in to Monday’s show at 1.00pm to hear more about the change.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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