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Seth Rogen prefers 'adult Oscars' as stars bonk ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’

Seth Rogen prefers 'adult Oscars' as stars bonk ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’

The Sausage Party actor revealed that he'd been to the adult awards ceremony in 2003, when he was just starting out in Hollywood.

Given the choice between the star-studded Oscars and the - you'd assume - less glam porn industry equivalent, Seth Rogen knows which event he prefers.

The AVN Awards also doll out awards such as Best Actor, Best Actress in a Support Role and Outstanding Directing, but the ceremony also includes categories such as MILF Performer of the Year and Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene.

Rogen, 40, explained why he'd take the AVN Awards over the Oscars any day during his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While he said that the AVN Awards are similar to the Oscars in having 'too many categories', he was more impressed by the adult actors purely because they have to ‘f**k everything, everywhere, all at once’.

Rogen attended the AVN awards back in 2003.

The adult event was the first award ceremony Rogan ever attended.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Still making a name for himself in Hollywood, the adult awards were the first big ceremony he ever attended, and he was impressed by the event.

He explained: “It’s funny, the first awards I ever went to were in 2003, so 20 years ago, I went to the AVN Awards, more commonly known as ‘the porno movie awards’.”

At the time, he’d been writing a film about a porn star and hoped that his in-depth research of the adult entertainment industry would help him.

Although the flick was never made, his efforts were rewarded as he went on to star in 2008 Zack and Miri Make a Porno alongside actress Elizabeth Banks.

Rogen went on to star alongside Elizabeth Banks in a similar adult theme film.
The Weinstein Company

During the talk show, the Disaster Artist actor revealed surprising details about the AVN awards including how, er, long they were.

“If you thought the Oscars were long, the porn awards were f**king five and a half hours long!” he joked, adding: “Because there are so many categories.”

Much like the Oscars, the ceremony has the traditional categories as well as more, um, specific accolades including best group scene and best BSDM movie.

The 40 year actor made the admission on Tuesday night.

As well as the raunchy prizes, the event also featured plenty of adult content with stars regularly getting undressed throughout.

“Every time they cut to someone in the audience - if it was a woman - they’d pull their boob out and just start licking their nipple,” the Sausage Party actor told the audience.

He then joked: “It would be like if every time you pulled to Bill Nighy, he pulled his nuts out and started jiggling them around.”

Rogen revealed that he was honestly moved by the event, saying: “The speeches were very emotional, like genuinely emotional.”

Rogen even said that both ceremonies had too many categories.

He was also impressed by the porn actors' work ethic, adding that ‘nobody is working harder’ than them in the entertainment industry.

“I love the cast of Everything Everywhere All at Once. You call when they f**k everything, everywhere, all at once,” he quipped.

“Brendan Fraser worked hard in The Whale. You call me when he f**ked a whale.”

Guess we can’t argue with that.

Featured Image Credit: ABC/ MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

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