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The Chase's Shaun Wallace makes ITV history with his biggest ever prize offer

The Chase's Shaun Wallace makes ITV history with his biggest ever prize offer

Shaun Wallace offered comedian Sarah Millican a huge amount of money.

Quiz expert Shaun Wallace made ITV history with his largest ever prize offer on The Chase.

Wallace left his fellow chasers in shock as he tempted a contestant with a huge amount on money to play on Sunday night’s show (30 April).

The celebrity contestants on Sunday included dog trainer Graeme Hall, British space scientist Margaret Aderin-Pocock, TV presenter Ortis Deley and comedian Sarah Millican.

Sarah Millican was offered a huge amount of money to play.

The contestants were playing to win money for charity and Millican managed to bag an impressive £7,000 in the cash builder round.

When Wallace started to make his offers he gave Millican a bunch of options. He gave her a chance to play for £3,000, her original takings of £7,000 or a huge £103,000.

Shaun Wallace put a huge offer on the table.

Viewers at home and in the studio were left in shock with the final offer.

“This is the highest offer I’ve ever made on the Celebrity Chase,” Wallace confessed.

Millican opted for the lowest offer, despite Wallace’s eye-watering amount being on the table. Her goal was to get back to the team for the final chase.

Millican opted for the lowest offer.

All in all the team managed to secure £100,000 to play for in the final chase.

But over the course of the episode on Sunday night, viewers were left unimpressed with Millican’s response – or lack thereof – to the questions.

One viewer complained: "#TheChase Fsk Sarah, stop passing and guess!!"


A second person fumed: “I think Sarah Millican is passing far too quickly. Not even attempting an answer is silly. Her fellow team members might have been able to answer if they’d had a chance!! @ITVChase #TheChase”.

A third viewer tweeted: “She drove me mad!”

While a fourth quipped: “Has Sarah Millican never heard of guessing? #TheChase.”

Someone else added: "Stop bloody passing Sarah!!"

And another frustrated viewer tweeted: "Millican the queen of pass #thechase."

It seems viewers might have been right as unfortunately, the celebrities left empty-handed, which came as no surprise to fans who witnessed Millican's apparent strategy to pass on questions rather quickly.

The largest amount offered on The Chase by one of the chasers was £139,000 offered by the Vixen to Blue singer Duncan James in November 2017.

Meanwhile, the biggest win was scooped in 2018 when Countdown's Rachel Riley and GB News presenter Kirsty Gallacher won £160,000 for Soccer Aid after beating Shaun.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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