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Simon Bird Says An Inbetweeners Reunion Will Never Happen

Simon Bird Says An Inbetweeners Reunion Will Never Happen

The Inbetweeners' Simon Bird has revealed whether or not he would reprise his role.

The Inbetweeners' Simon Bird has revealed whether or not he would reprise his role.

Within the notorious and much-loved group of four 'fwends', Bird played the role of briefcase w****r Will McKenzie.

However, as fun as the role was to play, Bird has confirmed with 'a hard no' that he will not be returning to it anytime in the near future.

Simon Bird has said he would not reprise his role as Will McKenzie in The Inbetweeners.
Channel 4

While admitting he still gets 'briefcase w****r,' 'bus w****r' and really anything 'as long as it's got w****r in it' yelled at him if he's spotted walking down the street, Bird admitted he won't ever be returning to his iconic role as Will.

A fan's question as per The Guardian reads: "How about more Inbetweeners, but this time you're the embarrassing parents?"

Bird responded: "It’s a hard no, I’m afraid. It just wouldn’t be the show people want or remember. Much better to leave it as a happy memory."

Simon Bird said it's better to leave The Inbetweeners as 'a happy memory'.
Channel 4

However, the 37-year-old went on to joke: "Cut to us all doing a third film for Netflix next year … Anything’s possible.

"Honestly, you can’t trust a single word I’ve said in this interview. It’s all filler, no killer."

Responding to an earlier question, Bird said that if he had to reshoot one episode from The Inbetweeners, he'd choose The Field Trip episode.

"A beautiful location, fish and chips on the beach, watching one of my closest friends, Joe Thomas, almost dying of hypothermia. What could be better?" he said.

Simon Bird said if he had to reshoot any single episode of The Inbetweeners it would be The Field Trip episode.
Channel 4

As well as having 'bus w****r' still shouted at him down the street, Bird reflected on why Will's walk remains widely mocked, despite other celebrities known for their 'stylistically different walking style' getting off far more lightly, such as Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown and Richard Ashcroft.

He said: "I guess the obvious difference is those guy are literally rock stars, whereas Will is a fastidious virgin. Will would probably have got away with his weird walk if he’d also written I Am the Resurrection.

"Also – let’s be clear – Will’s walking style is just my walking style. That’s literally how I walk. It’s not a comedic choice. To this day, I do not understand what’s funny about it."

So while Bird may not be about to reprise his role as Will anytime soon, the character lives on with the actor still regularly hurled abuse at and embodying the briefcase w*****r's awkwardness forever in the way he moves.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/ Channel 4

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