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How Old Is Simple Simon on TikTok? Age, Real Name and Key Facts

Gabriella Ferlita

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How Old Is Simple Simon on TikTok? Age, Real Name and Key Facts

TikTok has seen stars like Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame and Addison Rae rising to fame. One of the most up-and-coming TikTokers is Simple Simon, but how old is he and how did he rack up so many fans on the social media platform?

Who is Simple Simon and why is he famous?

Simple Simon, or @simple.simon8 as he goes by on TikTok, is a British Football coach and social media star. The TikToker went viral after his beef with fellow social media mogul Cal The Dragon was broadcast on TikTok live.

The infamous video saw Simple Simon, born Simon Colbran, calling Cal The Dragon “a melt”, while Cal rebuked by calling Colbran “an overrated t****r”. 


When he’s not posting dancing videos with his friend and Instagram Influencer Astrid Wett, or showing off his football skills, Colbran is Director and Head Coach of Stars Football Academy in East Sussex. 

Simple Simon’s Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Simon Colbran
  • Age: Currently unknown
  • DoB: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • TikTok Followers: 95.8K
  • Instagram Followers: 21.3K

All numbers correct as of 24th January 2022.


Simple Simon’s Net Worth: How much does Simple Simon earn?

Currently, Simple Simon’s net worth is unknown. 

However, Simon Colbran is the Director and Head Coach of a football academy in East Sussex, making his average annual salary for his line of work to be estimated between £28,880 and ​​£77, 684, according to Indeed and Glassdoor.

How old is Simple Simon?


Currently, there is no information about when Simple Simon, or Simon Colbran, was born, or what age he is. 

However, the TikTok star is known to be working in the East Sussex area.

LADbible have contacted Simple Simon for clarification on his age.

Who Is Simple Simon's girlfriend?


Simple Simon, or Simon Colbran, has not made information about his dating life public. 

However, he has been linked with Instagram influencer and Chelsea fan Astrid Wett, though this has not been confirmed by either of the social media stars.

Fans of the Instagram model often comment on her more raunchy photos about Colbran, in a bid to tease the pair about the time they spend together.


3 Interesting Facts About Simple Simon:

From his family life, to former professional career, and his strong sense of values, Simple Simon is more than just a football-obsessed TikToker.

1) He has a daughter

It may be surprising to learn that someone like Simple Simon, who has publicly argued with a teenager on TikTok live, has a teenage child of his own. His daughter is 18-year-old Keeley Colbran, a fellow social media mogul with 20.3K followers on Instagram, and 150K followers on TikTok.

2) He used to be the head coach of professional football teams

Despite his current TikTok success and new career in a football academy, he used to be the head coach of professional football teams like Langney Wanderers, Horsham, Crowborough Athletic, and Worthing FC.

3) He’s an advocate for mental health

Despite his previous controversial affairs, Simple Simon is quite the advocate for mental health. 

The football fanatic often invites his followers who are struggling to come on Instagram live and speak to him, without fear of judgement.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @simple.simon.8

Topics: TikTok, Instagram, Social Media, Football

Gabriella Ferlita
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