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Snoop Dogg claims Queen Elizabeth II stopped him from being deported from the UK

Snoop Dogg claims Queen Elizabeth II stopped him from being deported from the UK

The monarch allegedly said the rapper had done nothing wrong even though there were calls for him to get kicked out.

Snoop Dogg has alleged that the Queen of England herself put a halt to the rapper's deportation from the United Kingdom in the 1990s.

The rapper revealed the story in a recently surfaced TikTok clip, which was taken from an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

The 'Gin and Juice' artist recounted how his picture graced the front page of the Daily Star in 1994 alongside the headline 'Kick This Evil B*****d out'.

The edition of the Daily Star in question came out while Snoop was touring the UK and was pointing to the first and second-degree murder charges he was facing at the time.

"It’s a headline…That s**t is documented," Snoop said in the TikTok clip, which has since amassed over 1.1 million views.

Snoop was arrested in 1993 and was charged with the first-degree murder of a man in Los Angeles.

The charge was eventually dropped in 1996.

While the rapper – whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr – was on tour in the United Kingdom in 1994, he began to cop some serious heat from the British press over the charges

Snoop faced calls to cancel his tour and return to America while the case was ongoing.

Snoop Dogg's mugshot after his 1993 murder arrest. He was later acquitted, August 1993.
PBH / Alamy.

However, it pays to have friends in high places.... and we all know Snoop knows a thing or two about being high.

"This [happened] was while I was fighting a murder case, over [in the UK] doing shows. But guess who came to my defence? Just take a guess."

When DJ Whoo Kid couldn't guess, the rapper spelled it out for him: "The Queen."

"The Queen said, 'This man has done nothing in our country. He can come.' The Queen…bow down…When the queen speaks, bow down," Snoop said in the now-viral clip.

Snoop informed DJ Whoo Kid that Queen Elizabeth II is 'Harry and William’s grandmother'.

"You think they weren’t there, saying, ‘Grandma, please let him in, grandma. He’s OK. We love his music.’ ‘You know Harry, I’ll let him in for you. He’s not so bad after all and he’s quite cute'," Snoop joked, before adding: "The Queen, that’s my gal."

The Queen, probably singing 'Drop It Like It's Hot' in her head.
PA Images / Alamy

Social media lit up in response, praising the Queen for her soft spot for the American rapper.

One user said: "Lizzy always listens to Snoop in the Range Rover."

A second added: "I can just imagine Snoop and the Queen smoking and talking about hard times."

A third said exactly what everyone else was thinking: "This better be in the next season of The Crown."

Featured Image Credit: Chris Bull / Alamy. John Henshall / Alamy.

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