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Here Are The Official Rules For Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

Here Are The Official Rules For Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul fights Floyd Mayweather at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium on June 6

In case you're wondering what the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather is going to look like when the two fighters take to the ring in the early hours of Monday morning, the official - and slightly bizarre - rules have been released.

So, the first thing to note is that there will be no 'official' winner announced. That's because there will be no judges at ringside, like there might at a more traditional boxing match.

However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect fireworks.

That's because knockouts are still very much in play. Should one fighter knock the other out, they won't be declared as the absolute 'winner' but they obviously will be judged to have won the fight, if not by judges, just by everyone else.

The fight - which will take place at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium - has been sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission, and will be broadcast in the UK on Sky Sports Box Office.


On top of the fact that no official winner will be read out at the end - perhaps an insurance policy for both fighters, as Mayweather has a zero to protect, and Paul has his pride - the other rules make for some interesting reading, too.

Knockouts, or - at least - the referee's decision to stop the fight, will be judged at the referee's decision, although you'd imagine that the fighters' corners could also still throw the towel in or pull their fighter out.

As this is technically a professional fight, neither fighter will be wearing any headgear, which you'd expect, and both fighters will wear gloves weighing 12 ounces.

The fight - as many have speculated - will last for eight rounds of three minute length.

This news may have even come as some surprise to Logan Paul himself, as the YouTube star admitted the other day that he wasn't completely clear on what rules the bout would take place under.


Paul told the True Geordie Podcast : "I don't know how this is possible but I do not know.

"I'm hearing 10oz, 12oz [gloves]. I'm hearing eight rounds, I'm hearing three minutes, I'm hearing two minutes, I don't f***ing know.

"We're prepared for anything. We did a legit proper camp. We're doing hard sparring rounds, 10-12 rounds, three different guys, we're ready."

He added: "We've got a group of pros [to spar with].

"Some guys are brawlers, some guys are boxers. We try to get guys who can emulate Floyd, or at least keep the pace for small guys."


"Honestly every look we can, we get: pros, solid, solid boxers. I sparred a couple of times, Jean Pascal, who is on the undercard actually. It's great work, tough guy.

"He was already here in Puerto Rico training, happened to be in the same gym and we got a couple of sessions in."

Let's hope he's been training hard, because on June 6, all the talking stops.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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