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Tommy Fury Says He'll 'Definitely' Knock Jake Paul Out In His 'Biggest Fight' Yet

Tommy Fury Says He'll 'Definitely' Knock Jake Paul Out In His 'Biggest Fight' Yet

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul looks to be on the cards, and Fury says the YouTuber has 'no excuses' for 'running' from him'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Tommy Fury says that he'll 'definitely' end any fight against Jake Paul with a stoppage, and says it would only take him a matter of rounds, if that.

The British boxer, who extended his unbeaten run to seven professional fights with victory over Anthony Taylor on the undercard of Paul's bout against Tyron Woodley, now believes that the YouTuber has 'no excuses' for not taking him on.

Fury also opened up about why he's keen to get the fight made, where a win would leave his career, and how his potential opponent's career is 'a joke' until he starts to take on actual boxers instead of 'retired MMA fighters' and 'basketball players'.

Love Island star Fury defeated Paul's sparring partner Anthony Taylor in his last fight.

Speaking to LADbible, Fury said: "It will definitely be a stoppage win for me.

"A lot of people were saying after my last fight that I should have stopped that guy, but - don't forget - that was a four-round fight.

"If that had been a six-round or an eight-round fight, that guy would have been out of there.

"If me and [Jake] Paul do fight, it's going to be an eight-rounder, or even a 10-rounder, whatever he wants to do.

"I know for a fact, he can't do the eight very well.

"He spent at least three of the rounds, possibly four of the rounds, walking around the ring not throwing a punch, Tyron Woodley the same.

"The two of them probably threw 500 punches in the entire fight. They weren't very active.

"I would be forceful in that fight, putting him on the back foot, purely and simply because he's not been doing it for long enough."

Tommy Fury now has a record of seven fights without defeat.

He continued: "It's not about his ability, skill-wise, he just wouldn't know what to do when he's hit and hurt.

"You saw in the Tyron Woodley fight, he got hit and hurt, fell into the ropes and didn't know what to do.

"That's just through experience.

"I'm not talking as if I'm a 20-year veteran here, but I know what to do in those situations because I've been doing it my whole life.

"There's a difference between doing it for your whole life and doing it for two years."

As for the duration of the fight, Fury is adamant that Paul wouldn't be able to fight against a 'real boxer' for that long.

Fury described Paul's fight resume as 'a joke'.

"Judging on that last performance, two or three rounds, maybe even one round," he said.

"Through this last fight that he's had, we know that if he's pressured and if he's hit, he does get hurt.

"When he's pressured, he doesn't throw too many punches, so that means to step on him, throw a load of shots and make him work, make the gas tank low, and that's it - it'll be over.

"We can't talk about Jake Paul like he's a world champion here, like he's some monumental task.

"He's a very established YouTuber, but fame and followers mean nothing in that ring.

"Everyone can hype him up to be some kind of killer, but he's not.

"This guy would get beat by most top amateurs. That's a true fact.

"The best amateur boxer in England would beat Jake Paul, 100 percent."

Given that, why then would Fury take the fight in the first place?

Well, it seems as if his mind isn't entirely on Paul's sporting prowess, but on the opportunities that could be presented by a fight that - for whatever reason - would generate massive international interest, and potential for Fury's name to grow.

Paul recently defeated retired MMA fighter Tyron Woodley.

He explained: "This is a huge, colossal entertainment fight. It's a fight for entertainment.

"True boxing fans can see what this fight is, I see what this fight is, it's a big fight for the fans, but they are entertainment fans, not for the boxing purists.

"The only excuse for it not to get done is Jake Paul putting his tail between his legs and running, that's it.

"If he wants to be a boxer, he's got to step up and fight.

"Stop fighting 40 and 45 year old retired MMA players, or basketball players.

"His resume is a joke.

"One thing you can say about my resume is that I've fought boxers and professional boxers that have been doing it a long time.

"Everyone in the job - quality boxing people - knows that you have to fight those people to get to where you want to get.

"I'm doing things right, he's not."

However, he added: "It would be the biggest fight for me to date, let's not get it twisted.

"The man might be a YouTuber but he's still the biggest fight of my career, it would still be a sold-out arena, wherever it may take place."

Fury thinks it would only take a short while to stop Jake Paul.

"Is Jake Paul going to help me win a world title? Definitely not.

"Is it good for my branding, is it good to get me out there, is it good for my appearance worldwide? Of course it is.

"And, it's a bit of fun along the way isn't it? What's life if you can't have a bit of fun?

"I'm going to have this fight, we'll have this segment in my career of the entertainment side, but when it's all said and done I'll be back on there and I'll be fighting true boxers and trying to pave the way and win some good titles along the way."

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