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What Conor McGregor Said To Nate Diaz After Their Epic UFC 202 Fight Has Been Revealed

What Conor McGregor Said To Nate Diaz After Their Epic UFC 202 Fight Has Been Revealed

There's a lot of respect between the two.

It's a testament to just how great Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz's second fight was, that over week after it took place, there's still a buzz surrounding it.

More and more things have swept across the internet after McGregor was ruled the victor, including the WhatsApp messages between him and his coach, Nate Diaz smoking a cannabis vape pen, Jennifer Lopez breaking up with her boyfriend because of the event, and people thinking they saw Conor's dick.

One more thing that is going viral is what the Irishman said to his opponent after the fight had finished and before the winner was announced.

Despite the pair's pre-fight hostility, which included a rather bizarre bottle throwing press conference, it was evident that they both had huge amounts of respect for one another after the fight lasted the full five rounds.

As they waited for one of their hand's to be raised in victory, they hugged in the middle of the octagon and shook hands, while The Notorious said something to the Stockton native.

An episode of Thrill and the Agony, videos that are produced by UFC, reveals what he said.

Credit: UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

"Great fight brother. Great fucking fight. You're a Mexican warrior. You're a little Mexican warrior brother," the 28-year-old can be heard saying.

The second installment in the McGregor/Diaz saga was epic, but any chance of a trilogy happening soon is pretty slim, after Dana White said he's 'over it'.

UFC 203 will be held on September 10, in Cleveland, Ohio, where former WWE superstar CM Punk makes his debut against Mickey Gall.

Featured Image Credit: PA