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What is Stephen Fitzpatrick’s net worth in 2022?

What is Stephen Fitzpatrick’s net worth in 2022?

Find out the net worth and earnings of OVO Energy boss Stephen Fitzpatrick...

Stephen Fitzpatrick is a businessman best known for being the CEO of OVO Energy. 

The 44 year old set up the company in 2009 after a career in finance, with the company signing up £1.5 million customers in its first decade of operations. However, due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, the company has not been without its controversy.

Stephen’s role as head of the company, along with his other business ventures, have made him a lot of money. Read on to find out more about his earnings and net worth

What is Stephen Fitzpatrick’s net worth?

Stephen founded OVO Energy in 2009 along with his wife Sophie, using £350,000 they had made from the sale of their first home. Born in Belfast, he began his career with a degree in Business and Finance from the University of Edinburgh and later founded a successful property newspaper. He became a trader in the City, including for Societe Generale and JP Morgan, before he quit to found his own energy company in his mid-30s.

Currently, he is also working as the founder of Vertical Aerospace, a company that designs and builds zero emission aircraft. A self-described Formula One enthusiast, he also became owner of and a major investor in the Manor Marussia Formula One team in 2015, before the team collapsed two years later.

The energy boss recently came into controversy recently when the OVO Energy owned SSE Energy sent out an email to its customers offering tips on how to stay warm during the cost of living crisis, including “doing a few star jumps” and “cuddling a pet”.

Apologising for the mishap on BBC Breakfast, the energy boss said: “Clearly for all the customers that we know are worried about paying, this kind of message is just deeply unhelpful and even upsetting and I apologise. It was a bad day, we made a mistake, and we’ve tried to put it right as soon as possible.”

Stephen’s wealth means he’s been able to buy multiple properties, including a sprawling five bedroom house with a swimming pool in the Cotswolds, thought to be worth around £3.5 million, where he lives with his wife and three children. He also splits his time between London and Bristol where the head offices of OVO Energy are based.

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