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Wild moment Steve Backshall is bitten by wolf as camera crew get too close filming documentary

Wild moment Steve Backshall is bitten by wolf as camera crew get too close filming documentary

He admitted what he did wrong after being 'snapped at'

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall once found himself in a pretty hairy situation while filming a pack of wolves – one of which ended up surprising him with a cheeky bite.

Watch the footage here:

Back in 2010, Backshall travelled to Norway for an episode of Deadly 60, meeting a scientist called Tess at a research station where she studied wolves up close.

At first, the animals remain far away as they start to ‘get used’ to their new visitors, but eventually edge in closer.

One comes up to Backshall and starts licking his hand.

Backshall met the pack of wolves in Norway.

“Wow,” he says, adding: “Now they’re starting to build up their confidence.”

Noting their ‘huge, utterly ferocious’ teeth, Backshall explains that wolves have a bite twice as strong as German Shepherd police dogs.

“Our movements have to be slow and cautious,” he explains, as the wolves grow ‘more and more confident’, noticing the rest of the film crew.

"As they approach, I mustn’t forget how deadly these animals really are, and the wolves are quick to remind me who’s in charge,” Backshall says.

Suddenly, one of the wolves decides it’s time to show him who’s boss, and takes a bite of his hand.

One of the wolves decided to show him who's boss.

“I think I might have moved a little bit too fast there, and just got snapped at,” the presenter tells the camera.

“Wow, it was just a nibble, but even so, as individuals wolves are awesome predators.

“But it’s when they come together as a pack that they are really deadly."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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