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How Much Do The Stranger Things Cast Earn?

How Much Do The Stranger Things Cast Earn?

Popular Netflix show Stranger Things has finally released its fourth season with the next set to be its last how much do the cast earn?

Stranger Things is all anyone can talk about right now. 

Inspired by a ‘true’ story, the show follows a group of kids unraveling the mysterious happenings in their town following a sinister government experiment.

Set in 1983, the show was at first called Montauk and took inspiration from a supposed US Military programme named The Montauk Project which, according to legend, included conducting experiments on young children involving clairvoyance, mind control and going forward in time.

Season 4 has just dropped on Netflix, and in the final episode twist we finally find out who is behind all of the scary events and massacres.

But with the twist ending to season 4 out of the way, the real end of Stranger Things is in sight. 

They had way too much story left to just conclude everything at this stage, but it has been confirmed that the next season will be the last.

So, how much has the cast raked in during their time working on Stranger Things

Netflix pays out a lot of cash on cast earnings (as it should!) which means that the main cast of Stranger Things have been paid generously to say the least.

Whilst the leads, including Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder, make $350,000 per episode, other members of the main cast, like Finn Wolfhard, make $250,000 per episode.

The stars were given a significant pay rise following the row about gender pay gaps in the entertainment industry, which was sparked by the revelation that only a third of the BBC’s top earners are women. Male star Chris Evans earned a whopping £2.2 million, whilst only two women - Claudia Winkleman and Alex Jones, of The One Show - were listed as earning more than £400,000 compared with 12 men. 

Following on from the subsequent outrage, it seems that Netflix reconsidered its cast’s wages, leaving the Stranger Things cast with extremely deep pockets.

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