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Stranger Things Fans Think They've Spotted Vecna In Big Moment In Season 1

Emma Guinness

| Last updated 

Stranger Things Fans Think They've Spotted Vecna In Big Moment In Season 1

A new Stranger Things fan theory has suggested that season four’s villain, Vecna, was, in fact, responsible for Will's abduction in season one. Watch below:


The fourth season of Stranger Things has set the internet alight with fan theories, and one goes all the way back to the first season.

In case your memory needs jogging, the first season is centred around the disappearance of Will Byers, who we later learn was trapped in the Upside Down. 


The generally-accepted theory of how Will ended up in this parallel universe is that he was abducted by a Demogorgon.

However, one fan theory is that Vecna was behind his disappearance.

A clip seemingly proving the theory was posted to the social media website with captions that read: "Vecna took Will. Watch the clip again."

Agreeing with the theory, one TikTok user wrote: “Since when could a demogorgon teleport through behind will in the shed, it means it was Vecna [sic].”


A second agreed, adding: “TBF this makes sense because a demorgogon can't use telekinesis I don't think and he moved the door chain with its mind [sic].”

A third agreed that the door chain couldn’t have been opened by a Demogorgon. 

They wrote: “Demogorgons do not have powers like Vecna they can’t open a door like that.”


A fourth fan suggested that Will had actually time-travelled.  

“Since the upside down is stuck in time when will was taken, Vecna has just taken will that why he’s not in series 2 and 3 he’s time travelled [sic],” they suggested. 

“The demo is very aggressive it wouldn’t have just ignored the dog barking,” a fifth added. 


However, not everyone was in agreement with the theory.

A second wrote: “Oh yeah that black shape behind frosted glass is one hundred percent discernible as a humanoid figure instead of a slightly different humanoid figure [sic].” 

A third pointed out a flaw in the theory, writing: “[Vecna] can’t get into the physically world though, you could also hear the demogorgon [sic].”

Some said it was impossible because Stranger Things was only ever meant to run for a single season, as revealed by the show’s creators in Esquire


“I’m getting bored of commenting on these theory videos,” wrote one fan. “S1 was supposed to be the only season. They didn’t come up with vecna until S3.”

A second added: “Stop linking season 1 to season 4, there were no other seasons planned at this point [sic].”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user, while acknowledging that it wasn't a bad theory, disagreed on account of how old the clip is.

“Tbh it’s a good theory but I doubt they planned vecna this early in the show [sic],” they wrote. 

Stranger Things season four is being released in two volumes, with the second being available to stream from 1 July. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Emma Guinness
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