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Stranger Things Reveals Nancy's Fate In New Look At Season 4 Vol 2

Stranger Things Reveals Nancy's Fate In New Look At Season 4 Vol 2

Did Vecna win the battle?

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Stranger Things Seaons 4 Volume 1

Stranger Things fans were left reeling at the end of season four volume one, which left the fate of many characters hanging in the balance.

That includes Nancy (Natalia Dyer), who was pulled under the nightmarish spell of this season's big bad Vecna.

In the final scenes of chapter seven, Nancy is moments away from escaping the Upside Down and reaching the safety of the real world.

Nancy is stuck in the Upside Down.

But right at the last moment she's dragged back under the spell of Vecna, who uses her guilt over the death of Barb Holland (Shannon Purser) as a way to lock her in.

The heartbreaking cliffhanger has left many fans wondering what this might mean for Nancy in volume two – and whether or not she makes it out of the villain's clutches alive.

But fret not – Netflix just released a few first-look photos for the new episodes, which will drop on the streamer on 1 July.

And in one snap we see Nancy and the gang plotting to fight the evil forces at work in Hawkins:

Nancy is reunited with the Hawkins gang in volume two.

Dozens of fans have commented on the pics and shared their relief that she's eventually saved by her pals.

"Nancy's alive... relief," wrote one, while another said, "Okay u guys showed us #Nancy is alive, so it looks like Nancy was saved," alongside a smiling face emoji.

A third added (all in caps): "NANCY MADE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!"

There were a fair few commenters who accused Netflix of ruining the cliffhanger, including this person who said: "What is the actual point of the Nancy cliffhanger if you're just going to ruin it in a promo image???"

But what they've failed to point out is that we don't yet know how Nancy gets out of the Upside Down – for now, that detail is anyone's guess.

Netflix also treated us to snaps of the Russia team looking a little worse for wear, as well as the boys on the road in California and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in training.

The photos follow on from a teaser for the upcoming episodes, which suggest there's to be an epic showdown between Eleven and Vecna, who was recently revealed to be Henry Creel, aka One (Jamie Campbell Bower).

It's safe to say there's a lot to be excited about... 1 July, folks – get it in the diary.

You can watch the first volume of season four now, with the second volume - comprising two film-length episodes – due to be released on 1 July on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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