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A woman who was struggling to get tickets to see Taylor Swift on her current world tour was shocked after the star actually responded to a DM that she sent her.

Currently, everyone in the world is probably aware that Taylor Swift is out and about on her Eras tour, which is seeing her play at stadiums and arenas around the whole globe.

So, with that in mind, you might think that she’d probably be a bit busy.

However, apparently she’s never too busy to reply to the occasional fan when they get in touch on Instagram regarding a ticketing problem.

That’s what happened to one TikTok user, who we know only as Amina.

Amina sent a message to Taylor Swift reporting a ticketing problem.

Amina was a bit miffed at the ticketing information not being updated for Swift’s dates in her home country, Australia.

Updates were being provided by Frontier Touring, but Amina messaged the superstar directly saying that updates weren’t being added to the official website.

In her Instagram DM, she wrote: "Hey Taylor, Australia tickets are on sale at the moment,

"And I don't know if you're aware but there has been promotions on Twitter getting a message out to let people know there is actually limited spaces available in Sydney and only tickets available on the Sunday night."

"But on the actual Ticketek website, it is saying general public is on sale for Sydney, on the website it doesn't say that.

"Many of us are missing out on tickets due to this. Just letting you know about this inconvenience," she concluded.

You might not expect a reply to that sort of message but Amina’s heart leapt as she saw that the IG message had been seen and that a reply was being typed up.

The message that she got back read: "Hey Amina, I can get my team to look into it,

"I'd like to give every one of my fans an opportunity to see me live - I can see why this would be an issue.

"Sorry so-so-so much.

“Love you, hope to see you in Sydney," the message ended.

OK, so it still might be someone from Taylor’s team responding as the singer, but also there’s a chance – just a chance – that it was actually Taylor scrolling through her Instagram and deciding to get back to a fan about a legitimate concern.

Either way, it made Amina’s day, and got a load of other people online excited too.

To her amazement, Taylor - or her account anyway - actually responded.

One reply said: "I’m sorry but if i ever received a message from mother herself I would go FERAL.”


"This was on IG? Not me checking and she hasn’t read mine from 2013," a third lamented.

Obviously, others weren’t as convinced.

“There is no way,” said one person.

"This is very much edited," said another.

"It’s probably her team who replies,” concluded a third.

Hey, just let people have things, why don’t you?

Whether it’s Taylor or not, hopefully someone is working in the problem, at least.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/amina/Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty

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