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Behind-the-scenes footage of The Terminator being created is ‘ruining people’s childhoods’

Behind-the-scenes footage of The Terminator being created is ‘ruining people’s childhoods’

It turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't have a robot body underneath his skin

Footage of a life-sized puppet of Arnold Schwarzenegger's murderous machine from The Terminator is really weird and 'ruining people's childhoods' as they get freaked out.

To be a bit pedantic it really shouldn't be ruining childhoods because The Terminator has an age rating that is clearly not for kids, but we all know that never really stopped anyone before.

The behind-the-scenes footage shows the painstaking work that went into making a dummy replica of Schwarzenegger's T-800 which they could use to show off the robotics beneath the skin.

The dummy you can see being made here featured in Terminator: Genisys, where Arnold fights his younger self as he appeared in the original Terminator film and we later see the battle-damaged body of the destroyed T-800.

While many of the shots of the original T-800 from that movie are CGI overlaid onto bodybuilder Brett Azar, there were practical effects for the robotic wreck later used in the film.

The Terminator model was so lifelike that it was disturbing people.

Finding out how the cinematic sausage gets made can be a bit off-putting, as plenty complained that finding out how the dummy got made was 'ruining people's childhoods', and it is a bit weird to see a character as iconic as the Terminator looking like that.

However, there was also a lot of appreciation for the hard work which went into making the thing regardless of how creepy it looked, saying it was 'amazing art work' and praising the effects experts for 'how much work they did for their movies'.

Others suggested they'd be interested in getting one for themselves, with one person saying 'I want one' and several others making comments which suggested a less-than-wholesome intent behind wishing to own a life-size mannequin of a young and buff Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There was also plenty of appreciation for the 'movie magic' of practical effects over modern effects which are 'done by computer and looks terrible'.

The life-size Arnie doll could be fitted with T-800 prosthetics to represent battle damage.

As for how they made this disturbing dummy, they first took a body-scan that had been done of Arnold for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and created a model based off of that, before padding it out with clay to recreate his younger physique.

Experts from the team at Legacy Effects then created a mold from the clay sculpture which allowed them to build life-size prosthetic dummies of the original T-800.

Next came building a metal skeleton to go inside the dummy, although not the one you'd expect to see hiding beneath the skin of a Terminator, so the model would hold position if you needed to move it.

Painting the body to make it look lifelike, the team were then able to start tearing chunks off to represent battle damage suffered by the machine, grafting on iconic metal skeleton parts from the T-800.

The finishing touches were to apply a head full of hair, making it look just like Arnold Schwarzenegger if he was several decades younger, dead and had a robot skeleton.

Featured Image Credit: Orion Pictures

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