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The Daniels went from directing Lil John's 'Turn Down For What' to winning Best Director at the Oscars

The Daniels went from directing Lil John's 'Turn Down For What' to winning Best Director at the Oscars

Ten years later they have won one of the biggest awards in Hollywood.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, otherwise known as The Daniels, have won Best Director at the 95th Academy Awards.

Their incredible and unbelievable film Everything Everywhere All At Once is one of the most nominated films at this year's awards.

The story was utterly bewildering, the characters were deep and fascinating, and the visuals were utterly stunning.

So, it's incredible to see the pair be recognised for their work.

What is also amazing is how far they have come in their careers.

They studied film at Emerson College in Boston and started directing music videos for artists like Foster The People, The Shins and Tenacious D.

One of their biggest early works was directing the video for Lil John and DJ Snake's unforgettable track 'Turn Down For What' back in 2014.

Less than ten years later and they are now on the biggest stage in Hollywood accepting one of the biggest awards on the night.

The pair looked well and truly blown away by the honour.

Scheinert said on stage: "We want to dedicate this to the mommies, all the mommies of the world, to our moms, specifically my mom and dad, Ken and Becky, thank you for not squashing my creativity when I was making really disturbing horror films or really perverted comedy films or dressing in drag as a kid, which is a threat to nobody.

While Kwan added: "I know every director agrees with me when I say a director is nothing without their incredible cast and crew.

"This is my family and friends. If our movie has greatness and genius it's only because they have greatness and genius flowing through their hearts and souls and minds.

"They gave that precious gift to our film.

"There is greatness in every single person, it doesn't matter who they are.

"You have a genius waiting to erupt, you just need to find the right people to unlock that.

"Thank you to everyone who has unlocked my genius."

Featured Image Credit: ABC. Sony Music Entertainment

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