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It’s almost a rule that one person will get lost on a group holiday, at some point.

Spare a thought for this lad, who hilariously missed the ferry and recorded the moment he’d realised his mistake during a holiday in Greece.

Understandably, the video has gone viral on TikTok with people claiming the tourist did ‘a side quest’ during the group getaway.

The video has gone viral on TikTok.

Even more hilarious is the fact that the man’s friends had been looking for him on the small boat and shared footage of the boat packed with tourists – except one.

As the Titanic theme plays in the background, the caption reads: “POV you can’t find your friend on the ferry ad he sends you this video two hours later...”.

Then comes the video from the missing man, who is still in the waters off the coast of Greece when he realises his friends have left without him.

Rather than getting out of the water though, he decided to record his deep sea antics.

“Yo, missed the ferry, I have to get these guys", he tells his friends in the short clip, calling to a nearby boat.

Despite being a fair way from the shoreline, he proceeds to swim in the same direction and then calmly says: “It’s gonna take me a while to get to you guys.”

Unbeknownst to the young man, another friend was watching from the beach and recording the bizarre moment from afar.

After the clips were stitched together and uploaded to TikTok, the video has gone viral – quickly gaining over 4 million views as people react to the hilarious incident.

Everyone was confused as to how he lost his friends.

Many joked about the incident with one user writing: “Bro went on a side quest.”

Others soon joined in, with another adding: “Had to hit the side mission while halfway through the main mission.”

A third compared it to a video game and wrote: “Before you have fast travel in Assassin's Creed be like.”

Some were shocked by the fact that he kept hold of his phone throughout, questioning how it was ruined by the surrounding sea water.

“Did he hold his phone above the water the whole time what?” asked one confused user, with another insisting he had to of had a special case.

“People have apparently never seen waterproof phone cases before...” they quipped.

Despite the hilarious incident, it’s an important reminder to look after your friends this summer as you jet off on holiday – especially the absent-minded ones.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / rjones119

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