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Cinema-goers are baffled after finding out how Barbie's transportation scenes were shot

Cinema-goers are baffled after finding out how Barbie's transportation scenes were shot

Fans are shocked at how Barbie filmmakers didn't use CGI, and instead used rope and props to create amazing visuals

Have you ever wondered how some scenes in the new Barbie movie were shot? Well, now you have the answers.

After Barbie premiered on the 21st of July, it’s all we can think about.

From the amazing cast of Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and so many more household names, to the overwhelmingly cute costume designs, there was so much to love when watching the movie.

But were you curious about how it all looked so unreal?

In an Entertainment Tonight video on TikTok, it shared some fantastic insights into how the production team transformed simple methods into a realistic 3D world with the use of 2D boards and a little magic.

In a transportation scene from the film, Robbie went on to explain to fans how they achieved it.

She went on the explain that it was board cut outs of the boat and sea, which was pulled along by rope and crew members to give the effect of moving water.

But what’s the best thing about this is the reaction from TikTok users who were totally mind blown by the whole thing.

Be it a rocket, a boat or bicycles, they made it work some old-fashioned elbow grease and out of the box thinking, and it absolutely worked!

Barbie has been a success since its release.
Warner Bros.

With actor Will Farrell, who played the Mattel CEO, explaining that because there was no use of CGI to create these scenes, that when watching it, 'it felt like a play.'

Because it’s so similar to Christopher Nolan’s take on CGI, the Barbie / Oppenheimer crossover might actually be a real thing after all.

Or maybe not.

Giving props to the filmmakers, highlighting the skill it must have taken, one TikTok commenter loved how they created the movements.

They wrote: “People don’t understand how impressive this is and how much hard work goes into set design. so beautifully done”.

TikTok users praised the film for it's visuals.

Another was uber shocked about CGI not being used and commented: “Wait it wasn’t cgi that’s awesome”.

“The work behind this movie is the reason i think it’s a 10/10,” claimed a fan who had already watched the movie.

A fourth user refused to hear criticism about Barbie, stating: “I don’t care what anybody else says: this has been such a great year for movies … and we’ve STILL got so many great ones coming!”

Having reached its first week in cinemas, the transportation scenes have left watchers baffled with how all of this magic could be created with such little use of technology, which goes to show less equals more in the film industry.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @entertainmenttonight

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