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Bar worker causes huge debate after calling out customer who asked for ‘no ice’

Bar worker causes huge debate after calling out customer who asked for ‘no ice’

Viewers are divided after watching

Ordering drinks at a bar should be easy and done without any fuss - you say what you want, pay for it, take it and go.

However, one bartender has proved that it can actually be a lot more difficult than that if you run into the wrong customer.

This bartender managed to catch one of her interactions with a customer on video while working, with the clip going viral on social media.

Posted on TikTok, the short but interesting exchange between the two has amassed over 10.2 million views, over a million likes and thousands of comments.

Safe to say, the clip has got people talking.

But it looks like the opinions on the exchange are split, with some choosing to side with the customer instead of the bartender.

Known as @jemimajune_ on the platform, real name Jemima June, she has gained a following through sharing her experiences behind the bar and for her unique way of opening beer bottles, which went so viral that she got invited onto the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to showcase her skills.

But this clip of Jemima and a customer is one of her most viewed, and here's why.

The customer asked for their drink without ice.

In the video, the customer can be heard asking her to make them a 'Tequila Cranberry, no ice'.

Jemima then proceeds to use the post-mix dispenser to fill up a glass with cranberry juice, to which the customer repeats 'No ice'.

The Nashville resident shows the visitor the glass and confirms that there is 'no ice in that'.

She then asks the customer: “Do you want a double Tequila Cranberry?”

“Just ‘cause you say no ice doesn’t mean you’re gonna get more alcohol,” she stated.

It then sounds as if the off-camera customer argues with Jemima, prompting her to say: “Double — that means you’re gonna get more alcohol”.

Many users who have experienced the trials and tribulations of the hospitality industry have been quick to jump to the mixologist's defence.

One wrote: “Us bartenders know exactly what no ice means. You knew instantly your face you’re like okay ‘no ice, got it'."

Another said: “When I say in advance ‘there will be the same amount of liquor is that ok?’ And they say ‘yes’ then get mad when it’s the same amount.”

A third commented: “I always use the line ‘you gotta’ pay a little more to get a little more.’ Usually shuts them up.”

Viewers were divided after watching the TikTok video.

However, many viewers have sided with the anonymous customer and believe he should have been given more cranberry juice.

One viewer said: “Ok but sometimes we just want more drink, not more alcohol, so we don’t finish our mainly cup of ice in five seconds.”

Another user commented: “If the bartender doesn’t make my drink the way I want it I just simply don’t tip.”

Elsewhere in the comment section, a user questioned Jemima and asked why she didn’t just top the drink up as it wasn’t coming out of her 'paycheck'.

However, another bartender replied: “Bro I’m not risking my job to do someone a favour.

“If ya’ want more then pay for it. Stop being a b**** when you get what (sic) you asked for.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/jemimajune_

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