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Couple claim ‘party hat’ method has ‘saved’ their relationship for less than £2

Couple claim ‘party hat’ method has ‘saved’ their relationship for less than £2

Their revolutionary method has changed their relationship forever

If you have ever been a relationship, you know what it's like to be in a long-winded argument, most likely about something trivial, and not knowing how to come to a nice conclusion for both parties.

Just going around in circles with not an end in sight, there never seems to be an easy way out.

Until now.

Some arguments are harder to resolve than others.
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Annie Turner and Austin Lebeau are a couple from North Carolina, USA, that have come up with an unorthodox way to deal with their arguments.

The £2 idea was thought up after chatting to some of their friends, specifically a joke that one of them made.

22-year-old Austin seriously suggested the idea to 23-year-old Annie, and the method is something that they use to end petty arguments sooner rather than later.

Though it must be said that too many petty arguments may signify another problem.

But ending the occasional petty argument by saving time, getting rid of the anger and it only costs around £2?

You may think that it's some sort of sorcery, but the method is simply just to put on cone shaped party hats whenever they get into a spat.

It's that easy, as their friends joked that they wouldn't be able to take the other seriously if they were wearing a hat.

The party hat method seems foolproof.

Annie posted an example of this on her TikTok account, @annielace73, filming herself before panning to her boyfriend, both wearing party hats.

She tries her best not to laugh, telling him, 'I'm still really p***ed off', beginning to smile when he starts talking.

The video has gone viral, with over 12.8 million views at the time of writing.

This bizarre method has been used in the five months since their first petty argument, with the couple turning to the method that they say has greatly improved their relationship ever since.

Boyfriend Austin stated that it taught them to 'be a better couple' and said that the method was 'worth every cent' as it cost them just $2, which is less than £2.

Annie explained how it came about: "The first time Austin told me to put on my party hat I said no, but after he said 'please,' I did, and then I just couldn't look at him.

"When I looked at him we both burst into laughter so we tried to get on with the conversation and it calmed it down.

"When we feel it's time to communicate properly we'll take it off." She said.

Agreeing that it 'shortened arguments', she said that the hats help to stop disagreements from getting blown out of hands and lasting 'days', instead calming both of them down straight away.

Annie tried her best to hold a straight face.

She continued: "We've started using it if we're arguing over something not serious enough to treat each other badly because it makes it harder to do that.

"It makes you remember that that's someone you love making you laugh and it reminds you of your feelings for them.

"I'd definitely encourage people to give it a go." Annie concluded.

Austin said that his partner gets angry at him for being forgetful, with arguments arising too about not spending enough time together or giving her enough affection.

Annie even revealed that she keeps a clown nose if the hats don't work.

Austin further explained: "It really does work in taking off the tension from those petty and pointless arguments.

"It's really hard to be upset and stay focused and mad when you're wearing a party hat yourself and when you're looking at someone wearing one.

"They're classic, funny and cheap like you're sitting in a dunce cap.

"I think it's impacted our communication and taught us how to be a better couple.

"$2 and you can fix your relationship. It's been worth every cent." Austin concluded.

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