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Couple sent letters to random companies after moving into new house and couldn’t believe who responded

Couple sent letters to random companies after moving into new house and couldn’t believe who responded

It might not be the worst idea in the world

Moving into a new house can be a huge occasion, and what usually comes with it is a bunch of housewarming gifts.

They can come in from all angles, from parents, relatives, friends, co-workers, and if people like you enough, you could have housewarming gifts coming out of your ears.

But this couple have taken the concept to a new level.


They have followed in the footsteps of the woman who sent wedding invites to famous people to see who would reply, and got a reply from none other than the former President of the USA, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Known as @doubletroubleae on TikTok, Austin and Emma have just over 12.5k followers on the social media app but have managed to amass a staggering 11 million views across their three videos on their spin of the concept.

The first video that introduced the idea has almost nine million views alone, and there have been two videos since to update followers on their journey.


In the first video, Austin is seen putting a stack of letters into the mailbox, saying 'nailed it'.

And that they did.

The next video posted on the matter, known as part one, showed that they got their first response, and it was from Danish construction toy company Lego.

In the package, they included a handwritten letter in addition to a unique Lego man to go in their new home.

How wholesome.

In part two, the couple reveal that they got two vouchers from Ferrara Candy Company, best known for owning the sweet, Nerds.

The vouchers will get the couple one free sweet (or candy) packet each, with the couple saying 'we love it!'

Austin and Emma did reveal in the comments section that there was another company that got back to them, though they haven't posted about it yet.

"So far nerds, coke and Lego all responded to us." They replied to a user.


Users shared their joy for their new housewarming gifts in the comments of the videos.

On part one, one user said: "I didn't expect Lego out of everyone," with a crying emoji.

Another put: "That's probably that master lego builders custom model and they are the ones who prob wrote the note," with a heart face emoji.

The creators responded: "That makes me even happier to think about".

A third user commented: "God damn I’m invested in this journey now," with a laughing emoji.

That's one for all you recent movers and couples then, go and claim your free gifts!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@doubletroubleae

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