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Woman sent wedding invitations to famous people and couldn’t believe who responded

Woman sent wedding invitations to famous people and couldn’t believe who responded

Newlyweds Bree and Jean got some exciting post from a ridiculously famous figure.

Weddings are a dear do - and believe it or not, the invitations alone take up a large chunk of the budget for the big day.

So instead of just leaving her excess save the dates to gather dust, this woman decided to send them out to a few famous faces for a bit of fun. But she didn't expect one of them to actually respond. Take a look at this:

TikTok user Bree (@breevmusic) explained she was working from home when she decided to check the mailbox, which had some very special correspondence inside of it.

After seeing an official looking stamp and a pair of fancy signatures, she knew exactly what it would be - but torturously had to wait a few hours for her new wife Jean to get home from work.

Vlogging her excitement, Bree - from the US - gushed: "I'm freaking out. My wife isn't even home, I have to wait like three more hours until I can share this news with her. I'm just pacing around my house. I'm just freaking out."

Bree said she had called her mom and best friend to fill them in, adding that even her crippling sciatica couldn't stop her from striding round the house restlessly as she awaited her other half's arrival.

Social media users were immediately invested in the invitation saga, but had to wait a little while for an update.

But eventually, Bree's blushing new bride returned home and they carefully opened the letter together.

Bree was blown away when she realised she had got a response.

If you're wondering who managed to get this newlywed so exhilarated with a mere piece of paper, it's none other than former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Their response read: "Dear Bree and Jean, Congratulations on your wedding! We hope that your marriage is blessed with love, laughter and happiness and that your bond grows stronger with each passing year.

"This occasion marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership and as you embark on this journey, know you have our very best for the many joys and adventures that lie ahead."

The sweet message from the celebrity couple adored by millions left them both open-mouthed, and Bree explained they were going to get it professionally framed so that it could take pride of place in their pad.

Even the envelope is getting hung on the wall - that's how buzzing they were with their mail off a megastar.

After initially suspecting that the two signatures which signed off the well wishes were printed, Bree was even more elated when she noticed that the ink had bled through the paper - suggesting they were, in fact, handwritten.

In a follow up video, she gasped: "This is a real signature! this is real! I'm freaking out all over again! The saga continues."

The Obamas sent the newlyweds a letter wishing them all the best.

Bree and Jean got hitched on 2 September last year - so although there was no chance of the former President and First Lady turning up to their night do, the couple were still absolutely over the moon with their response.

The TikToker beamed: "Barack - the Presidential stamp, Barack Obama signature, postage and fees paid. He didn't need to page for postage, he's Barack Obama! President of the United States! I don't care who the President is, Barack Obama is my President! Barack Obama sent me mail!"

Bree also revealed that Obama was her first ever follower when she joined Twitter back in the day - which left her kicking herself, as she forgot to mention it when sending him an invitation.

"He was actually my first Twitter follower which is really bizarre and I'm not even joking about that, people think I'm lying all the time but no," she said. "I should have mentioned that in my wedding invitation that I sent to him!"

The recently hitched woman explained she had also sent invitations to the likes of Drew Barrymore and a few TikTok creators who she enjoys watching - but Obama had obviously taken the biscuit.

For those thinking about taking a leaf out of Bree's book, she revealed that she had simply googled his mailing address to find out where to send her wedding invitation.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@breevmusic

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