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Man buys entire house off Amazon for £20,500 and notices one main issue with the inside

Man buys entire house off Amazon for £20,500 and notices one main issue with the inside

He bought his own Amazon home, but quickly found a huge issue.

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A man has found a problem with his investment into an Amazon home.

News broke earlier this month that people were actually able to order a whole house from Amazon for less than £20,000, and social media went wild.

The home costs around £20,000, depending on your country, but included in the price is free delivery (of course), as the home is brought right to you - but unfortunately not taxes.

On the official website, it is stated that the 'modern foldable house' measures at 19 x 20 feet, a modest size but seemingly a bargain for an entire home - seeing as the average price of a house in the UK was £288,000 in 2023.

The home comes with a toilet, though you will have to sort the logistics with electricity and plumbing.

One content creator shared his journey of buying an Amazon house with his TikTok followers, as he impulsively bought one for just over $26,000 (£20,500) after tax.

Known as @hittaa_jeff, his viral video announcing the purchase has accumulated over 9.4 million views since it was posted in January this year.

However, upon delivery, the LA-based content creator realised one feature that made it off-putting for him to live in.

He impulsively bought the house.

After showing that it came with two sets of sofas, a coffee table, basic kitchen appliances and a bathroom, he showed the overarching problem.

Raising his arms, he showed that he could touch the ceiling, despite being just 5'8", below the average height in both the UK and US for males.

In an update video, the 23-year-old revealed his plans for the cosy home: "I am not going to live here, I'm actually going to Airbnb it, because as I said in a previous video, the ceilings are very small [low]."

He continued to explain: "I'm 5'8", and I can touch the ceilings...

"Yeah, Airbnb it, that's a smart decision."

The American social media personality also revealed that the plumbing and electric work on the home was already set-up, and all he was waiting for were the permits to rent it out.

He also revealed that he wants new furniture, not being a fan of what came with the home.

It may not be ideal, but it's a decent deal for £20,500, in all fairness.

He found that the ceilings were way too low.

Fans shared their thoughts on his plans for the home in the comments of the update video.

One posted: "Air bnb is smart please stick to that plan"

Another humorously commented: "Okay but imagine u air bnb it to someone who’s 6’6," with two laughing emojis.

A third posted: "I hope you got a lot of land because if this one goes well you could add a few more".

It's not a bad deal, so if you've got a spare £20,500 lying around, you know where to invest it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hittaa_jeff

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