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Man thought he bought 'bog standard house' before finding a 'hidden secret'

Man thought he bought 'bog standard house' before finding a 'hidden secret'

Some people likened the discovery to the start of a horror movie...

A homeowner has revealed how he got more than he bargained for when a spot of DIY led to him making a shock discovery.

TikToker Daniel (@__daniel.tx), who regularly takes to the app to share DIY updates, grew curious when he spotted a mysterious wooden panel stuck to one of the walls.

Deciding to investigate, the homeowner used magnets to feel around for any nails or screws that might be lurking behind the panel and he quickly found several screws holding the piece of wood in place.

After drilling holes into the wood, he quickly began unscrewing the screws, before he was able to yank the panel away from the wood.

At first glance, Daniel discovered a thick layer of insulation, which didn't come as any surprise, but his interest piqued when he pulled the wood away to reveal a hole.

The man discovered a hidden room.

On inspecting the hole in the wall, the TikToker realised it led to a hidden room that he had no idea existed - and he claims even the previous owners of the home had no idea of its existence.

The hidden room even came complete with full lighting and electrics, which revealed the sizeable room was completely empty, with the exception of some insulation and pipes.

In the caption, he wrote: "Found a hidden crawl space area in our home. Even has power and lights. Previous owners didn’t know it was there."

In a follow up video, Daniel showed the room in more detail, and shared plans to use the space as a storage unit for Christmas decorations and the likes, which is a win in itself, because who doesn't need more storage?

He explained he plans to use the space as a storage unit.

And, in a bid to make the space more accessible, the DIY fan decided to create a little door which allows him to open and close the space whenever he likes, rather than having to tear down a piece of the wall whenever he wants to get inside.

After sharing the clips on TikTok many followers were impressed with the discovery, but several took to the comments section to make eerie comparisons to horror movies and other spooky happenings linked to secret spaces.

"You've clearly never seen Coraline," one TikTok user commented, while another added: "I thought something scary was going to pop out."

"Great, now you’ve probably released an evil spirit," a third wrote. "Congrats on your new room though!"

Fortunately, the tale came with a much less sinister ending and now Daniel has a whole load of extra storage space.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@__daniel.tx

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