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Lad dresses up like his mum in public and uses ID to buy drinks

Lad dresses up like his mum in public and uses ID to buy drinks

The prank has sent the internet into a frenzy

One lad has dressed up like his mum in public and used her ID to buy drinks.

Florida mum, Monique Meza, totally stunned the internet by the extremely uncanny resemblance she shares with her son.

Deciding to have some fun with it, Monique took to TikTok to share the hilarious prank that has since taken the internet by storm. Check it out:

In one of Monique's videos, that has since clocked up more than 23 million views, Monique wrote: "My son seeing if he can pass as me and use my ID."

The overlay text confirmed: "The answer is, he can."

The TikTok shows Monique's son sauntering into a room fitted with a handbag, jewellery, a wig and some very questionable breast padding.

Monique's son dressed as her.

After the clip went viral, the fun-loving pair decided to test out their likeness in public, with a video titled: "Mother and son swap prank."

The pair rocked up to a restaurant and began with Monique ordering herself a sangria before telling the waiter she was quickly nipping out to the car 'real quick'.

Except - the person who returned in her seat was not Monique at all but her doppelgänger son wearing her exact outfit and a another wig to mimic her distinctive dark locks.

Clearly committing to the bit in almost every aspect, the son forgot one major thing when it came to impersonating his mum.

As the slightly perplexed waiter popped down the glass of sangria, the son asked in an extremely low-pitched voice: "Thank you and can we also start with the nachos."

The overlay text on the TikTok read: "Waiter is so confused and trying to keep it together."

The waiter was beyond baffled by the prank.

The server then bursts into a fit of awkward laughter - clearly baffled by the whole situation.

Monique then finally returns as they crack up in a fit of giggles as they revealed the prank to the waiter who told them: "You guys got me. That was a good one."

He went on: "You guys look alike. I'm shook. The same face..."

The video has since racked up nearly 400k views with dozens of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the 'hilarious' prank.

One TikTok user penned: "Yesssss this is even better than your first video! I am dying!"

A second wrote: "This was all that I hoped and dreamed it would be!"

"Absolutely hilarious! It’s the deep voice for me," quipped a third.

Others were also left in stitches at the son's voice, with another TikTok user commenting: "Hahaha the voice gave it away but they do look alike.

"Please why didn't he raise his voice pitch," joked a final viewer.

Like mother, like son it seems.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@moniquemeza13_

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