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Man's hack for opening a soft drink can with another can goes viral

Man's hack for opening a soft drink can with another can goes viral

Jordan Howlett explained on TikTok that there is a reason soda cans have a ridge around the bottom.

Some people are just a treasure trove of sort of useful information.

One of those people is TikTok star Jordan Howlett, known as @jordan_the_stallion8 on the social media platform.

This week, the social media influencer shared a hack that's actually kind of useful.

Howlett stitched his video in response to user @knowledgesaurus, who had asked: "What is something you found out late in life that you should have known earlier but you just didn't?"

"So if you guys were to take a look at the bottom of a soda can, you see that it has this extra little circular ridge here," he began.

The creator said that when soda cans were first invented in 1938 they didn't look like they do today.

"You wanna know why?" he asked. "Because these sodas are multi-purposeful, meaning that you can stack one on top of the other and use it to open the other soda."

He then demonstrated how to open the soda can with the bottom of another can.

"It's not a coincidence that they all stack on top of each other," he said.

"So if you just got your nails done [and] you don't want to mess them up or it hurts your fingers to try to open them by themselves, just take a soda, put it on top, and open it with another soda," he said.

"Try it out," he said before ending his video.


People in the comments were just as blown away by the clever hack.

"My jaw is on the floor, sir," one person commented.

"Not me immediately running to refrigerator to get soda cans," someone else commented.

"Yeah I’m trying this later at work," another shared. "I’m a flight attendant and hurt my fingers or chip my nails constantly cause of this."

While others said the TikToker had taught them more than any formal education ever did.

"I've learned more from Jordan than school ever taught me," one person said.

"EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on this page he teaches me something new. Man has done more for me then all 13 years of school," added another.

We can't wait to see what the School of Jordan The Stallion comes up with next.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok: @jordan_the_stallion8

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