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Lad bought 25 large fries to test what he could win in McDonald's Monopoly

Lad bought 25 large fries to test what he could win in McDonald's Monopoly

TikToker Josh Ryan bought 25 large McDonald's fries trying to win a prize from their Monopoly promotion.

If you are a proper Maccies fan, there is nothing more exciting than ripping open a load of Monopoly stickers with the hopes of winning more than a fruit bag.

For those unaware, McDonald's Monopoly promotion gives you instant prizes like a free burger or chips - while other prizes require a collection of property stickers, with the big rewards ranging from £100k in cash to an electric MINI.

And one brave man has gone viral for splashing nearly £65 on 25 portions of large fries in return for 50 Monopoly stickers.

Josh Ryan - who started a McDonald's Monopoly series on TikTok - uploaded a video earlier this month, writing in the caption: "Buying 25 large fries to see how much I can win! Can't believe how much I won!!"

He was off to a good start after picking up his first portion of fries, peeling off a 40 percent code for Skull Candy headphones.

His second prize also came from his second portion, winning a 'personalised photo magnet'.

Not bad, not great either.

The third sticker was yet another prize, with a 10 percent discount code for

Josh Ryan started a McDonald's Monopoly series on TikTok.

But small prizes just kept coming, including, yep you guessed it, a McFlurry or a fruit bag.

Seriously though, if you go for the fruit bag you're probably a serial killer.

Josh also picked up six nuggets, a bacon roll, along with a hot drink.

Sadly the 100k was out of reach, but after picking up a lot of smaller prizes, the TikToker insisted: "Fries is where it's at."

Commenting on the post, one viewer suggested: "Don’t throw the stickers, scan them on McDonalds app, you’ll win there too."

A second added: "I won an xbox years ago. get all those fries in an air fryer and they will crisp right up!"

Meanwhile, someone else complained: "25 large fries not 1 of them actually full like always."

In another video, Josh was joined by a woman as the pair decided to spend more money on Monopoly stickers, as the caption read: "This is part three of spending money on McDonalds Monopoly to see what we win and today I spent £75, money's going up."

The woman joked: "Now, we should win £100k no?"

After spending £75 on the food, the duo only won two McFlurry or fruit bags (again), one apple pie or fruit bag and one small fries or veggie bag.

Better luck next time.

Featured Image Credit: @joshryanx/tiktok

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